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Copy paste work


I bought a gig and the seller just gave me a copy paste work from the internet and now he isn’t answering my messages
How can I get reimbursed? I am really disappointed


What was this work about ?

Let me guess, a gig like: “I will make your logo for 5€” ?


No he was supposed to write a recipe book for me (based of my recipes ) and he just copy pasted from the internet and now he just blocked me!! I can no longer send him messages
I paid the guy 50 euro !!! He just stole my money like that

Did you accept the delivered work ?

If the order was already marked as complete, you can reach out to CS and provide a screenshot of what you found on the Internet and ask for the reimbursement.

Otherwise, same thing, contact CS and ask for cancellation. You’ll get the money back.


No ! I didn’t accept the work!
Because he had promised to adapt everything and send me a new version on the 20th of feb… I have been messaging him since (his excuse I was sick, ooh please give me another chance…) this weekend I told him okay, I want thenproject by Sunday evening… am still here waiting and he blocked me

Look for this:
on the order page, and follow up with your complain.


Normally you can cancel the order and get your money back.

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Thank you so much!! Am going try and do this . Really disappointed though, am first time user and I had so much hope

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Unfortunatly it might happen, some sellers on fiverr are just scammers who pretend to be “pro with 10 years experience” and steal work, expecially in graphic designer niche where they just reverse logos, find things on google picture.


I’m very sorry for this bad first experience, but I can assure you that there are also very professional sellers here who only deliver original work :slight_smile:


I just want to say that there are some excellent sellers on Fiverr - many contribute to the forums. And yes, sadly, there are some chancers and rogues.

Let a seller’s feedback, price and gut instinct be your guide. While we were all new sellers once, if your project actually requires some original effort - then try and go for a seller with several hundred feedback ratings with an overall rating of 4.9 or 5.0. Also, be realistic with the price. If, for example, a seller is offering to do a $500 job for $50 then something isn’t right. And use your instinct to judge whether a buyer is responding to your inquiry in a way that is courteous, timely and professional.


You did well.
I invite you to contact Fiverr through Resolution Center. We all can have a problem and require more time to deliver a project. It happens, we are all human. However if I need more time, I’d inform you before the delivery deadline and for sure I’ll tell you the exact amount of additional time I’d need.

A few suggestions for your next purchase:

  • Explain well your requirements before placing an order
  • The reviews are still one of the best way to choose a Professional Seller
  • Keep an eye at the way the seller communicates with you. Does he seem to care about your project or he puts you in a hurry to place an order?
  • Never accept uncompleted deliveries.
  • If you have an issue, try to solve it with the buyer. If he goes in circles or gives you promises for a delivery, ask him to send you “Extend Delivery Request”.
    Otherwise if it cannot be solved, contact Fiverr’s Support through the Resolution Center. They have your back.

Thank you! I actually did all of these :frowning:
He delivered some work copy pasted from the internet (every word!!!) when I told him this he denied it… after I insisted, he told me he is going to adapt and deliver a new project, he set the delivery on 20th February. I have been since asking him when genus going to deliver he kept telling me very soon and on Friday night he told me that he was sick that’ s why he late and I then told him I saw that you werenonline the whole time, couldn’t message me and tell me you were sick? And now that I ask again all of sudden you remember that you were sick?

He asked for extra time and I said okay on Sunday evening otherwise please kindly reimburse my money. He has now blocked me and I can no longer send him messages…

I do understand that they are good sellers but it was my first time and this is what happened :frowning:

That was the very moment that you should have discontinued any further dealings with this particular seller and instead brought to attention the plagiarism you received posing as original work to customer service.

If a seller is unscrupulous enough to try to hoodwink you once, they will assuredly attempt to do so again.


You defined right! I started sensing some weird vibe but since I was new, I decided to give him a new chance…

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I’m sorry for your bad experience, but there are really people who make a lot of effort to make things work out for you. That behavior affects us all, but there are people who tend to be very selfish. It is important to be honest. I hope it solves and you get your money back.

Oh so sad for bad experience at first time ! :disappointed_relieved: But you had to be careful to placing your order.
Now you can contact with customer support and take help from them.I think only customer support can help you in this matter. :heart:

However ,Next time before placing your order :
1.Be sure that seller is professional
2.See seller’s reviews as proof
3.If the seller encourage you for placing your order quickly, then you have to avoid this seller
4.Before accepting deliveries take at least a revision

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Really bad seller, I feel ashamed at his behavior as same seller.
But no worry about that. you can get fund back even though you marked the order as completed. Just contact CS and explain about that the seller did not work as promised and not responding with proof of chat.

If you want it argent then you can refined order and order to another person. But if you can wait for some time you can wait for him.