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Copy Right Infringement?


I received copy righted materials from the seller. I asked and paid for originals. This was not realized until it went to and had already printed onto clothing. The words “shuttershock” appeared all over the image and now my merchandise, company name and finances are affected. What can Fiverr do for me? I have contacted the seller whoever I’ve gotten no response.


Definitely inform Customer Support
They’ll be able to tell you if they can do anything for you, and at the least it will have consequences for the seller and help to keep them from doing the same thing to more people.


Hi, may I ask you to see the design?


This is one of the images I received.


I filed a claim. I’m sure they will cancel the seller, or at least I hope so. What really upsets me is I actually had several conversations with the seller about my company and what I needed these for. It was made clear they had to be original. I purchased at least 7 images from this seller. I honestly did not see those words when I agreed to the item.


Indeed, for non-expert eyes it would be difficult to see.
On the other hand you’ve trusted your seller, so I understand you were really not having doubts about the design.
Are all others in the same line/style as this one?
I may think that the seller made a mistake by sending you the images watermarked, maybe s/he has the original photos?
Anyway one thing is true, you won’t have an original design but a stock photo.


The watermark is hard to see and I can understand how it would go unnoticed until going to print.

Obviously, this is not an original image but rather a stock photo. I suggest doubting the other designs this seller provided you with and do some research as to whether those designs are indeed original.

Hopefully support can help you out!


I have an online store which we recently added as we run a small boutique where we live. I was working with this seller from the beginning as she designed my logo, so of course when we expanded to needed other images for on clothing I thought of her. The images my customers are interested in are images like at, owls, dream catchers, tribal, trendy words and sayings octopus, my shop is very Eclectic. I explained upfront what the images were for, that they had to original, had to have all rights and all file types as I would be using these images on many formats.
The seller has contacted me back now and says that she had someone else do these items for her because she was to busy. She of course apologized but that doesn’t make the financial blow to a small business feel any better.