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Copy Right Issue for product image

I Want To Know That I am a social media manager. I have created a gig as follows:

My Question is that previously I have worked on an e-commerce store, therefore, I need to upload product photos as a portfolio of brands. May I upload this photo ??

As long as this is designed by you, yes.

Thanks . Yup it’s designed by me

A problem is that though you’ve designed the surrounding stuff, if Fiverr uses their image checker it will probably find other images on the web with that coffee jar (like if you do a google image search it returns pages with matching images). I think it would be too risky to add it as a gig image.

What if I blured it ?

I think it would be fine (you could check google image search) but whether it would look okay in the gig once it’s blurred I don’t know. Or you could pixelate it.

Great work…
Congratulation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for your appreciation