Copycat just copied my Gig!


Someone just copy/pasted my gig descriptions and made a gig exactly the same as mine. What step should I take?

Here’s the copycats gig:
[URL removed by Moderator]


screenshots to CS.


and while you’re at it, why not mention the copycat’s stolen works of Scott Stantis and Damien Glez? :wink:


I would say to warn him by yourself first. If he isn’t going to change then you should contact customer support. Often newbies do this. Let them give a chance to enhance their skills. Thanks.


Raise complaint against him, fiverr will take action with 24 hrs



you’re right:grinning:


Okay, thanks. Deleted.


“Copying is the highest form of flattery.”

You can take the blood pressure saving, diabetes preventing and hypertension eliminating approach of just doing your thing, leaving the copycat to drown in the sea of his/her own lack of moral integrity and skill - and simply take it as a compliment while continuing to do your own thing the best you can.

Or you can get all riled up, do the reporting, send the proof to CS and make sure the copycat gets sanctioned. You can even hire a lawyer to draft the notice if you’re that passionate about it.

It all comes down to life philosophy in the end, really.

All approaches are cool. Choose the one that will work best for you.


At first contact to seller for Remove the gig. If he doesn’t delete then contact Fiverr support. Hope they will take an action.


Thanks. That’s actually some great advise! I got really pumped up yesterday, I put a lot of effort in getting my gig description just right just to find out someone just stole it …

Now I just feel sorry for the dude, if his creativity is limited to copy/paste from other gigs guess I don’t need to worry from his competition.

And he choose MY gig to copy :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s right :sunglasses: