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Copycats, copycats everywhere

Or should we say “gig stealers”?

Third person for the last 2 months trying to steal descriptions or descriptions together with the artworks. I was laughing so loud when I saw that this person haven’t even tried to remove the watermark from the title image.

Still, the gig was deleted and CS was warned about this person’s behaviour.

UPD: seems like not only the gig was removed, but account also deactivated.


Yeah. There are many copycats like this.


Well you know what that’s why I added a video on my best selling gig which is “WordPress Speed Optimization” so no one can steal anything from me.

My speed gig was so popular that time that many new sellers tried to copy my gig image which is protected by my watermark.


Actually when they see that you have 5-6 orders in queue they think that maybe the gig image is doing some magical tricks for that popular seller & then they try to copy him/her.

Yes they will copy everything: Your gig image, title, gig description & yes sometimes profile picture too :laughing: :laughing:


That’s simply ridiculous. :'D

I have my artworks protected by watermarks as well, so stealing them will just show the link to my original profile. Also, it’s just… pointless. I doubt they can draw like me, because if they could do like that or better, they simply wouldn’t need to steal my portfolio.

Even if they could get the order with stolen portfolio (I have my doubts regarding this as well), they wouldn’t be able to bring the illustration of the same quality or style. Just… what the point?


Your illustrations are great & that’s why you’re a Top-Rated seller here. They’re just blown away by your work, That’s why they’re copying you :wink:


it’s very frustrating for actual designer


Awww, thank you very much! <3 <3 <3


Logo Design Category is basically a Copycats Design category, The situation is out of control right now. Fiverr is making profits & that’s why they don’t even care :roll_eyes:

Original seller is (gigblast) & he’s a No.1 seller in Logo Design category. His gig image is:

Now Copycats are doing awesome work here, Take a look:

I know designs are bit different but even a small kid can understand what they’re trying to do here :laughing:

Yes they’re using (Yellow) background & animals over & over again & they think we’re st*pid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha this is so perfect timing since yesterday I reported a lot of sellers in logo section, mostly all the ones using this logo and it’s variations in color:

Look at the point number #4

I got 5 pages of results and I reported all Fiverr results.

The best one was Mount design since it is their name and trademark and people copy that logo and use it in profile :smiley:

I found couple of sellers with all 10 GIGS identical pictures, yes 10 gigs since they are Level 1 and 2 sellers. Reported them too.

I mostly start reporting only after people ask me to check their gigs for improvement.

And regarding yellow background and black logo, that part is not problematic, the copied logo is.


You are right? 2 guys have copied main image of my gig, I flagged their image as non original content, but now my gigs are not in search results anywhere, it says my gigs are active, but i don’t find anywhere is search…


At least they didn’t try to fight it and just accepted it. Expoooosed.

Is there anyone here release a Gig which offer a “detecting copycat” service? Good Idea right?

Yeh, after this COVID mess freelance platforms being swarmed with tons of scam sellers. Logo category suffers the most because of logo-maker-users and google-logo-users. :\

For illustration they at least should learn how to do Photoshop abominations, google some other artist’s artworks, put them all together, add some blur, filters, awful colors and so on…

But even if they know how, it still looks terrible. Also I just love how they put 2-3 days turnaround time. It’s only possible when you have 1-3 orders in queue. When you get more, it becomes quite complicated or even impossible.


I have seen 4 hours and 6 hours logo turn around and in 99% cases these sellers are not individuals. It is a group of people working from the same account. In their case, it makes sense but for logo designers individuals that are real I do not understand how they are managing this


How is he going to handle 156 orders in 1-3 days?

Seller on first page of logo design with no sales image


You’re right. I know nothing about Illustrations but I can see that it’s a pretty creative field & only humans with his/her own (imagination) can illustrate beautiful artworks. They can copy your image but they can’t copy your mind & yes creativity.

Recently I watched a video on YouTube where (Ten Hundred) a popular Youtuber & Illustrator was hiring some artists on Fiverr to illustrate his strange dream.

His video is: I Paid Artists $1K on FIVERR to Illustrate my Strange Dream!

Yes many of them are original artists & some of them are using some type of photoshop skills. But you know what original designs were amazing.

Original designs:

The last one is Fiverr Pro, Tbh, I don’t really like his design :upside_down_face:


Yeah, f*** 'em. Nice work on getting revenge. I detest dishonest people. Especially as a buyer.

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I also love these videos! So awesome to see different interpretations from really skilled people (as well as to laugh, seeing PS monstrosities).

I should say it also requires a lot of skill and practice. I am pretty sure that most of original artists spent years learning how to draw (composition, anatomy, perspective, color harmony, light and shadows, the disciplines are endless, really) and searching for their own unique style. That’s why they charge what they charge. Not for 16-18 hours of work (this is pretty average number, depends on how complicated the artwork is), but for 16-18 (or even more) years of learning and practice.

Drawing was my hobby for about 7 years. But only after I finished some digital art courses and was pretty sure about my skills, I decided to try freelancing. I still have a lot of things to learn and I try to spare money for more courses and programs which will help me grow as an artist.

And after thinking about this endless path of self improvement, it makes me just furious seeing how another brainless person decides to steal the result of all these years. I always flag suspicious gigs or send links to the artists I know, so they are able to flag them or PM them in person.


I wish more people would think like this. Can’t grow if you don’t want to grow. Can’t get skilled in something if you don’t practice it.


That’s why she’s the best & yes a Top rated Seller here :innocent:

No copycats.
live your life boldly