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Copying descriptions of gigs


what can i do if someone is copy my description?

i have change my description to gig 3 times already . and now i have wright a description that is fit for me and my gig , i don’t want to change it again. because i really like this description. BUT i do not want also to confront myself with duplicate content. What i can do?


#1. Why are you changing your descriptions? People are obviously copying them because they’re working. Why hurt yourself?

#2. Yes, people copy. Smart people might only copy a sentence or the idea, lazy people just copy the entire thing. My advice? Don’t worry about it.

Worry about your grammar and spelling. This gig had the following:

"It’s a extra $10 but is it’s worth. "

You forgot the “it,” “it’s worth it.”

In fact, I see quite a few mistakes:

Hire a proofreader to rewrite your gigs. I could do it for you, for $5 per gig if you’re interested. If not, not worries.


The one copied is the hair related. I’m not that good with English grammar and that is way i’m frustrated when they copy my good description . the others i know i have to make changes . but i will let them as they are see if they will copy the mistakes too…


thank you for you replay , i will calm myself , and let my description as it is


Periodically I do a quick Google search and find people who have copied my descriptions. I just submit a ticket to Customer Support reporting them. I provide a link to my gig and to the copycat gigs. Because of their privacy policy, Customer Support won’t be able to tell you what happened, but it seems to me that the copycat gigs seem to disappear (or at least their descriptions do).

In the end, your gig is being copied because it’s impressive and successful. Someone else with the same description is unlikely to have a huge impact on you. Personally though, I find it really dishonest and frustrating for people to copy me. I also feel that it’s misleading for customers, so I like to report the copiers.


thank you , finally i did report them the resolve the problem , and exact same think happened while after , even more some of them copy my work images , with my logo as watermark ,…now i don’t rapport the ones that are copy my description , but i do search and report the ones who copy my work images…



copy description is not against fiverr but somebody copy your work profile or portfolio then you can contact to support team of fiverr.