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Copying Gig descriptions


I need some advice folks.

What is Fiverr’s policy on other sellers copying word for word gig descriptions. I have been looking at the gigs in my niche. It’s quite a small niche and there has been quite a few new sellers. At least two of these have taken my gig description word for word as their own. I don’t mind that other sellers use my description for some inspiration but not use verbatim.

What should I do?


It really depends on how obvious it is, like someone using your gig images too and how many people are using the exact same description. If you can send some proof to CS regarding when you created and added your described and/or CS is able to see that yours was first, they will usually make the other sellers change theirs. If its hard to prove or lots of people are using the same one it might be a bit tougher.

In the long run you can still try CS and if they don’t make the other people change, just make yours even better and save proof of the date and time. Use it to your advantage. I don’t know what your services are, but if you aren’t a strong marketing writer you could even hire a copywriter to make your gig description really awesome and then you’d have extra proof that you own the description. Regardless, the first step is just to contact CS and complain about the copycats.


Thanks Fonthaunt - very good advice.


Ooh… I may be in touch from time to time… Favorited one of yours. :wink:

Hope you make some headway there.


It happens constantly to me.
Fiverr takes it down.
I get reports from my clients when they see it.


Thankfully it hasn’t happened to met that often, but I do see stolen/completely copied gig descriptions from time to time so I let CS know. In some cases they take it down right away, in other cases they
just leave it. I wonder what makes the difference! :confused:


I’ve even had people get mad at me for something and they used a different copycat seller, and think it’s me.

The difference is that my clients usually report it when they see it and I send screenshots.
Also most of the customer service reps know me and my gigs by now. They haven’t changed.