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Copying Gigs

Over the past month alone, I’ve gotten links to fourteen gigs that have directly copied my gig photo (and many took the description as well).

The image is one thing, despite the fact that it is not a stock image and anyone who has it went directly to my gig to get it. However, I DO report gigs that have “borrowed” both my image and description.

Most copycat gigs are listed by sellers in non-English speaking countries. So, they know their gig needs a well-written description to sell. And sure, stealing from a good gig might get them buyers, but do they seriously intend to get good reviews for their work?

Anyway, if your gig has been copied you SHOULD contact support and send a message to the Trust & Safety team with links to the copycat gig (I’ve found that Fiverr either takes down the gig in question or redirects it to your original gig).

I have reported copied fake gigs DOZENS of times.
I know they will still keep coming, but the least I can do is report them in order to
keep Fiverr clean and professional.
It does make me wonder though, whether those fake gigs are made in the hopes of getting
orders ( even though the outcome might be a disaster), or it’s just an annoying attempt to
damage the original seller’s reputation/amount of orders.

I’ve had it happen to me on more than one occasion. What bugs me is when they copy my gigs in very niche’ keywords, Fiverr seems to like ranking them ahead of me. It bugs me they don’t have some kind of “content filter” system that will say “hey, this content is exactly like the other content so it won’t post up.” as some people literally rip word for word my service. In fact, they even leave the “extras” details in there too, making their gig look silly and nonsensical but people still order. sigh. Scared one person and they ended up removing the description(their response was they were using it as a placeholder and “forgot”), but next time I see it happen I am just simply going to report the gig.

I had this happen to me numerous times when I first started on Fiverr. Customer support told me I needed to supply evidence that I was ‘first’. I couldn’t, so a substantial amount remained (no idea if they exist now)

I’ve seen copies of mine but they get no orders.

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Sometimes Fiverr removes them, and other times I go back to the links I sent and the image/info has been changed.

I used not to bother with them assuming they never would get sales (even though looking more recently, a couple of the gigs have horrid reviews). Then I got a few messages from potential buyers asking if I was the same user as “so and so” from [insert non-English speaking country] because our gigs are alike. Not good for an editor’s reputation!

A content filter is a fantastic idea :slight_smile:

I would think they would have a time stamp identifying when the gig itself was created but apparently not.

Maybe this is the same thing…but I get a lot of my demo videos copied (not even sure how they do it). As of this date, I found my demo videos copied 13 times…there may be more.

I was wondering…can these copy cats hurt your gig rankings in any way?

I see a ton of copycats myself too. People either copy my descriptions or the images, even if they have my watermark on them “hidden” cleverly, lol. Free promotion!

Still I tend to ask them politely to come up with their own images and ideas. :stuck_out_tongue: