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Copying of Gig decription

I’m a level 2 seller here on fiverr. So I took a stroll the other day to the market where you can find your gigs to check on my gig placement. Then I curiously clicked on a few of the gigs I saw at least THREE other gigs using my description word for word!! am I the only one experiencing this? And shouldn’t fiverr have a copyright protection for gig descriptions?

Just saying though…


use report button that allows you to flag a gig so CS can review it.


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Report these gigs with the flag button.
Fiverr will delete these gigs.
When you send the message, clearly write that they have copied each word of your description.

Didn’t realize I can flag these gigs, that’s useful. I’m a buyer myself, and sometimes do a Google search for gig descriptions to see if they are original or not. And it’s amazing how many are just copy/paste. From now on, I will report them. Thanks.

But how would you know whose gig was first, who copied whom? You can’t just go round flagging anything and everything, no matter how good your intentions are. :wink:


Also, reporting gigs just to be vindictive or :x: your competition is not good practice. If a user is flagging because they are bored; I’m sure it will land them in hot water. Don’t waste T & S time, I would much rather them deal with legitimate flags than faux ones.

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Lol… I think the way to know that is by looking at the one that is most successful… right?:upside_down_face:

For that to be true you’d have to be sure you’d found every single gig or you could be reporting the wrong one(s).

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Think of it as someone stealing the original name of your book cuz it sounds cachy and makes a ton of money from it.

The thing is with CS they like to see proof. If you can prove these sellers are ripping off your GIG descriptions; send them the evidence. Since we don’t know the exact method of how CS can identify who wrote what and when. Present your case with everything you’ve got!

This nasty practice of stealing (gig pix & descriptions) has been going on forever. Even when CS takedown gigs; these uncreative bunch do it again to another Seller. Rinse & repeat!


Ouch… That’s not fair though. But i don’t think I’m ready to get in legal battle here on Fiverr. I’m too busy for that. Let them prosper. I’m honored to have someone deem me worthy enough to be emulated:rofl::joy:

Good point. But some are just really obvious, with multiple gig descriptions and profile description copied. And the “Member since” date serves as an important clue. Also usually the profile and gig pictures have faces copied off the internet (easy to do a Google image search on that too). Anyway, the blatant copiers are much less likely to provide the quality service I am looking for, so for waisting my time, I will consider the flag button in the future. Cheers.

This is true, plus if someone flags a lot of things and T&S finds it overwhelming, they may stop paying attention to that person’s flags. Worse, they might remove the flag system. I choose which things to flag carefully. Sure, I would flag it if it was related to my own gigs are if it is an extreme ToS violation, but I don’t go hunting them down. :slight_smile:


Yes that makes sense. I have noticed plenty of profiles that look fake and unoriginal. It’s kind of sad, really. As long as nobody copies ALL of my gigs including my profile description I have enough confidence that my profile is original enough for it to not really matter.

Also, I just tried googling my gig description and nothing came up, not even my own gig. That’s a good sign? I literally copied the entire gig description and pasted it into google. Is that how you do that?

Well description is not a poem and might be pretty standard so you can’t add much new to it, right?

It really isn’t difficult to make your gig description unique. It’s just like writing anything else of quality. For example, I have written at least a dozen separate articles about crate training puppies, but each one is entirely unique with fresh content. Gig descriptions may not be poems, but they can be excellent sales pitches and clear descriptions of what you offer.

When you write your gig description you use your own style, modifiers that describe your own services, etc. It may have some elements in common with other gig descriptions selling similar products, but it should still be basically original. In particular, copying/pasting from someone else is against the Terms of Service.

If it is too difficult to write a gig description that is unique, there are plenty of great copywriters on Fiverr who can do it for you. You just want to choose one that has a ton of Fiverr experience. (Note - I am not a copywriter and am not advertising my services.)


Well I understand it if the description is more personal, but if it’s a pretty basic description where you say - I do this and this, you should give me this and that for the work to start etc. there is not much to change.

That’s the difference - if you write something from scratch yourself, you won’t be in a position to be changing anything as it’ll all be your own words. :wink:

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flag that gig, you dont need to do much things…

I didn’t mean actually to take someone’s description and change it. But just when someone put in the description some standard frases this can be that they are already in someone else’s descriptions. Like a frase: “I will write an assay. Give me the information.” you won’t change it a lot.
Maybe if someone write: “I will write such a great assay that you will be happy like you’re in the heaven lol” it’s more personal (still maybe pretty standard) and when you see it anywhere else this is likely taken from someone (though I still not exclude that a few people have a few same thoughts, when you can come up with this - anybody could)