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Copyright Agreement

Recently i have done a logo redesign,after i submit the order client completed the order and now he is asking a copyright license for the logo.Since this is a redesign i don’t know whether i have rights do that.

Anyone here knows about this ?
please help me.
Thank you.

According to Fiverr’s rules, the buyer owns all copyrights to what you deliver – unless you state otherwise in your gig description. If you have not written any alternate terms in your description, then your buyer already owns ALL copyrights to the work you delivered.

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Just from my knowledge of derivative work, under copyright law I believe that it would depend on who created the original logo and who owns the copyright to it.

If for instance, the original logo was created by another Fiverr seller for your client, unless stated otherwise the copyright would belong to your client. If he has then commissioned you to re-design it, then the copyright would already be his.

Anyone else of more extensive knowledge is welcome to correct me if wrong. However I hope this helps!

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if your buyer asks for copy right then just do this

I have been assigned to do this logo design for __________(name of the company)
and the sole copy rights belong to them.

Write this on paper sign it, scan it , send it

good luck


No need to do that. Fiverr was designed for smooth transactions. I’m not getting paid to print, scan, and share personal information like my name, signature, etc.

Whenever a buyer has questions about ownership, I just tell him that he owns the work he pays for unless he demands a refund.

For example, today a brand name client demanded a revision, and I gave it to him. That means the work I did before was no good, so I own it, which means I can buy one of the domains I recommended and sell it later. What I don’t own is the final delivery.

It’s the same with articles, logos, apps, etc. If they pay for it, they own it. If they don’t pay for it, you own it.