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Copyright concern

Hi everyone,

I’m quite new to Fiverr. I requested a logo from a user on this website and when I received the design, I was able to find a similar design here that had a similar design.

I’m perfectly ok if the image was honestly copied from someplace else to be used in the t-shirt design however if the image was illegally copied then the extent of being accused of thieving over someone else’s copyright wouldn’t be worth it to me.

Does anyone have any advice? Below is the image that I received:

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Are you the owner of that site? I don’t see that it’s really anything to worry about.

Why is the fiverr watermark on the image?

My opinion is that those are ok designs to use so if you haven’t approved them yet it’s ok to do so.

Once you have them in your possession without the watermark you can then do a better check to see if they are copies.

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To be honest with you, I’m doubt that someone will ever approach you to claim (or try to claim) copyright to the most basic UFO design.

If you want to be safe, just contact the seller, show them the picture and tell them that you’d like them to come up with a different shape/look because you have concerns.


The Verge site you are referencing isn’t using the UFO image in your design as a logo. They are using it as an illustration accompanying an article. It is possible that your seller and the Verge both sourced the same image from a paid or free stock image site.

As @lenasemenkova has suggested, you really need to ask your seller where they sourced this image. You could also try asking them if the UFO image is 100% original. If they lie and say yes, that’s when I’d worry about copyright and look to get a refund.


That’s a good point, these are not logos they are T-shirt designs.

This is for a t-shirt design. I think it would be treated the same way. I just came from a ‘copyright infringement’ forum post on fiverr and was getting the chills reading through all the messages.

I sent this to the person creating the design and I’ll see what he says tomorrow. I think he created a fine image and it will get the point across. I’m just worried about someone else taking me to court because there was a misunderstanding on copyright and how ownership works in the states. I believe he’s from India.

Hi ****,

I found a similar image of the graphic that you used in my t-shirt design on another website. I’m perfectly ok with using stock images when the stock image license allows the graphic to be used for commercial purposes, in my case it would solely be used on the t-shirt.

If you are using stock images, could you either tell me where the stock images are coming from or let me know what the license info says on the stock images just so I can be assured that I won’t be liable for copyright infringement if someone sees my t-shirts and believes that I’m thieving from them. There are heavy penalties in my state (California) for copyright infringement.

Thank you,

Jeremiah O’Neal

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