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Copyright for Drums, Guitar,Bass

Hi All
It’s my understanding that you cannot copyright Drums, Guitar solos ( mine) or bass riffs.

If So When I order a drum session. pay the fee and it’s my song I cannot be sued for the copyright infringement if the song goes viral and earns substantial money.

Am I correct?
Cheers Bob


Interesting question.

What is the agreement with the person doing the drum session? What are you paying for?

Comparing apples and oranges, but, as a writer, if I write something, if I write a story for someone, it’s still my creation, and I retain copyright. Unless the agreement with the person whom I wrote it for states otherwise. Then they can do what they want with it, per our written or verbal agreement. When I interview someone, I ask them if I can use their words in my book, and I tell them that they won’t be compensated, unless it is a deal.

As a keyboardist, I don’t want someone copying my cool riffs, without some attribution or payment.

Most musicians won’t even let you use the title of their song in a written work without permission.

Drummers just make a lot of noise, not music, AFAIAC, so I don’t understand how anyone can tell the difference between one drum solo and the next, but I’m sure they think very highly of their work! :slight_smile:

It’s basically, what is your agreement or understanding with the person you hired? Actually, just what is the agreement, because you two may have differing “understandings.”

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Having spent at least 3 months researching split sheets and royalty payments my head hurts.
So when I found fiverr and lots of drummer I was somewhat pleased.
Then I thought about the copyright angle.
I’m using about 4 drummers on here.
Some mention copyright, can they stop you releasing a song and claim drum copyright?
Cheers Bob


Looks like I was not very informed. :slight_smile:

Googling it, drum solos are usually not copyrightable. Drumbeats and drum patterns are not typically considered songwriting. The law makes clear that lyrics, melody, harmony and rhythm can be copyrighted.

Looks like you’re copyright-clear, my man! Keep twirling them sticks!

It’s seems the same with guitar riffs, think smoke on the water,
That must hurt!
Cheers Bob

You mean the lead solos in the middle of the song, right? Not the distinctive G Bb C, G Bb C# C,…at the beginning? I hear that song from our high school band at least once at every basketball game (well, not this year, only parents allowed to attend), the band director must be a fan.

I did have a distinctive keyboard solo, that brought the house down, twice, when once we were backup-band for Frank Zappa. I would be jealous if anyone copied that. Well, actually, I borrowed the idea from the orchestra hit-crescendo midway and at the end of the Beatles “A Day in the Life”.

But how is it Youtube can copy videos from rock stars and republish them? I think they are not paying royalties. Youtube is profiting from their showing other people’s copyright material - music videos. Maybe you should put your musical productions on Youtube. :slight_smile:

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Actually the riff itself cannot be copyrighted strange I know.

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By “riff” you mean the solo, not the melody? I should not have used word “riff” orginally, it is too fuzzily-defined.

I wanted to use lyrics from Michael Sambello’s “She’s a Maniac” as intro to one chapter in my book about an incredible basketball player - no one can stop her from scoring on the hardwood floor, once she has the basketball. But no one answer my request for permission.

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As a ghostwriter/freelance web content writer I forfeit all rights once I deliver the finished product to the Buyer.

Music is a bit different.

This may be worth you spending some time researching through your preferred web browser.


It’s good that it’s made clear in the agreement, prevents later misunderstandings …

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