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Copyright help please- I don't want to break the rules!

Hi, this is a tough one; to find information on about fair use and copyright, so I thought there is no harm asking here:

Would I be able to post a gig on Fiverr (A parody video of David Attenborough the Nature Narrator)

The clip has my heavily edited video footage from the BBC television studios. The audio is nearly all mine with quick sound quotes/music from movies and bands.
The BBC logo is clearly visible in the corner of the video. It is under a minute in length.

Opinions seem to vary as to fair use/parody with some saying as long as you state: No infringement intended and proper accreditation given to the sources used then it is acceptable.

Hope some kind soul can help!




It would be simpler (less legal issues) if you got a cartoon type video made with a cartoon/parody version of David Attenborough for the gig info video, with all your own voice.

If you want to use a BBC clip you could contact the BBC for permission.


Thanks. Yes I’ll try that.