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[COPYRIGHT] How Can I Prevent Other Sellers from Using MY Original Content?


Hello. I am creating a “YouTube Tools Kit” animation package which includes Lower Thirds, end scenes, Logo Animations etc., basically everything a YouTuber or vlogger who uploads videos regularly on their channel needs. I am planning to offer the editable source files of my animation template as an extra so that people do not need to order from me each time they need something changed in their animations, but I fear that buyers might start their own gigs and offer the same service as me using the editable files they purchase from me. If I state that those files are meant for Personal Use only (I do not want to grant them Commercial Use rights, not even for a price) and no Commercial Use is allowed -especially on Fiverr- , will I have the power to prevent buyers from such use? If they use the editable source files to offer their services on Fiverr rather than create content for their own YouTube channels (without any limitation, of course) in spite of my clear statement above, can I complain to Fiverr about it and stop that user from using my files in the way I explained above, and get their gig taken down? It has taken me a very long time and many sleepless nights to create this original content and I do not want to risk it being used for profit by other sellers on Fiverr (or in any other media).

If that will not work, I will not offer the source files in my gig. That simple.


You can mention in your description that the files can’t be used for resell propose.

But some people may ignore that… in this case you can report them to CS if you find someone is reselling your work.


Don’t offer source files - they will resell them, and there wouldn’t be anything you could do to stop it I’m afraid, for the same reason i don’t offer blank versions of my videos.


I’m with @offlinehelpers however if a case were to happen where another seller on Fiverr is using your original material contacting support would definitely solve the problem.

Best of luck!