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Copyright in my own work



A while ago i posted a new Gig on fiverr, but a few hour ago i reseived one message telling me that artwork has copyright, was not true.

I keep the original archive where are all the details of the draw, and also a speed paint that proves it, my doubt is, why is it copyrighted? i’ve donde that and now my post is down…

Hope you can help me.



who tell it’s copyrighted please show him /her your work


Fiverr says it, the gig now is down and i cannot do more than delete it.


Show the proof work to fiverr Hope they will understand


If it doesn’t work out with CS create another gig and maybe have an intro video showcasing your speed painting. It’s depressing to see this keep occurring with artists especially those that are prominent in creative communities.


At the moment I’ll wait until get response from the staff, if it doesn’t work… well I have to create a new Gig with your tip, thanks.

And I guess I could understand, after all I have been practicing to reach my actual level and someone could think I took the images from internet, and then post them there…