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Copyright infringement, Ban this user please


I couldn’t fill in the online form as the copyright drop box was showing blank when i tried to submit but your user Fragglesrock is selling all our hard work for peanuts, he claims to have made hundreds of gamesalad templates on our site Fragglerock which is totally untrue as were the only guys who make stuff for our site.

He also claims to of made many other templates for other sites which is again false.

I can only imagine he has purchased or stolen these templates from us and other sites and is now trying to make a fast buck.

It seems like he’s asking users what they would like from a list of templates (mostly ours) and then sends them what they want.

Please remove this fraudster asap.

Below is one of his links with incorrect information regarding Fragglesrock.




*** Sheriff’s notes: Calling out other users on the forum is not permitted. If you have an issue with your Seller / Sellers and cannot reach them, contact Customer Support. The identifying information of the Sellers have been removed and replaced with “Fragglesrock.” Outside links are also not permitted on the forum and that information has been replaced with “Fragglesrock.” READ THE FORUM DO’S AND DON’TS LOCATED HERE (and at the top of every single page on the forum) BEFORE POSTING ON THE FORUM. ***


First of all it is against the terms of Fiverr to call out the names of other sellers, so don’t do that in the future.

If you believe there is some kind of issue you should contact Customer Support.

However, it is not illegal to buy someone from someone else and turn around and sell it for a profit.