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Copyright Infringement - But a Complicated Case

So this is awkward. I have gigs on other freelance websites. Specifically, websites which can be argued to be clones of Fiverr.

Today, I have spotted one of the gig images which I use on a different site. (And which was created by me from scratch). Being used by a seller on Fiverr. I am furious about this. This has meant that I have had to now create a new gig image for Fiverr for the same service. - Even though I created the image being used by a seller here illegally.

In creating my own image, I do not have a certificate of copyright ownership which I can show Fiverr to prove it is my own. All I have is the original and a link to my non-Fiverr gig to prove that it is mine.

I’m sensing that Fiverr won’t take lightly to me sending links to a Fiverr clone site to prove that I am the true owner of this image. In this case, do I just let it fly?


No send them the link on the other site, tell them what you said here and see what happens. That way at least you tried.

Or you can put your image on your gig here, and then let customer support know that someone is copying it here.

I was wondering where one gets a certificate of copyright ownership.

I think you just have to show when you created it, via the original file, which should have a time stamp on it.

By seeing their responses these days I can predict that they might pause your gig for copyright infringement of another site.

Yes you may have hit on the solution.

I think I’m just going to let it fly. I’ve just read through the Fiverr copyright terms and it seems too much hassle to complain about.

Yes. Or I could look like someone trying to sabotage another sellers gig.

You picture will have a timestamp on it they can see if they left (or is it right) click on it so yours should have an earlier date.

Yeah, that’s another possibility.

The thing is, I don’t know when the seller here stole this image. I use the same image on my website. There I started using it later after optimizing it down to as small a file size as possible. This includes things like taking a screenshot of the original, changing this to .jpg and running it through some compression software, all of which will (I think) have resulted in several images with different time stamps.

It is easy to see that the image has been ripped from somewhere. The new seller has just stuck on their username in a swirly font which doesn’t match my image color scheme or anything. However, I could end up providing ‘proof’ that the image is mine, only to find that their version was created earlier than the version I am using.

It’s not a big deal. I’m not using this image on Fiverr. I’m just stupefied that someone could start using what was going to be my own gig image before me.

This will be one which I leave to my invisible army of flying monkeys with distant Voodoo superpowers.

Honestly, I wouldn’t risk it. I know it sucks but with CS being in it’s current state I wouldn’t even dream of going to them with something like this.

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Agreed. I’m not touching the CS button with a barge pole. I’ve also just been given a heads up from another seller not to bother. It’s all quite scary really.

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I’ve seen my entire gigs on numerous other sites. I could look right now and find my gigs on a dozen other sites. Anything from big established sites to horrible garbage little webpages people make in ten minutes. I’m numb to it.

Yeah, the same is true for me. However, this is the first time I’ve found my gigs being copied from a non-Fiverr site over here on Fiverr.

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I’ve had some of my clients swear that they’ve seen my gigs on other sites but I can’t seem to find any.

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The timestamp of a file (creation/access/modification) can be easily modified. On Unix systems, it’s enough to use the touch command.


I remember that someone explained here that he had sent a message to CS with screenshots of his “creation” showing the different layers (I imagine that he used Photoshop) + a screenshot with the details of this file (date of creation, last modification date, author…).
If you have the source files, it’s not hard to prove that you created this image.

Yeah, that might work for professional images. I just knock things up in Canva, Gimp, or take screenshots of stills from my video animation software. Also, I purge all non-essential files from my computer whenever possible. Namely, to avoid situations like today where I have less than 4GB of diskspace left.

I’m not as meticulous as actual image creators. I just create things on the fly as and when I need to. I never even thought something like this could happen. However, I have just found other gigs on Fiverr which are using screengrabs of my own Fiverr videos as gig images. This will be easy to report.

What’s going on with CS?

The best way to prove it’s your own work send CS the source PSD file if you have already saved it while creating the image, it could prove that your are the original owner of the image!