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Copyright infringement od theft

Is it common practice for fiverr to automatically watermark the artwork of customers, and then when that customer wants more work done on this work, reimaging for a better quality print, the seller finds that he cannot work on these because they appear to belong to someone else?

Watermarking the work of other people with your own WM could be considered to be theft and fraud. I was unaware that fiverr did this, with me now discovering that completed and pad for work, in advance, turns out to be useless to me for print use, yet this artwork is mine.

fiverr rarely respond, and when they do II have noted that they try and blame the seller, who was not at fault in this case. In this open post, I inform Fiverr that there must be a reply to this within 24 hours and an agreement that the seller will complete the work, including the watermark, as they have offered to do.

The sellers on here are great, but I am beginning to question the credibility of fiverr.


The watermark is just there to protect sellers from scammers trying to cancel orders after getting their work done. It is an optional feature sellers can turn off. Fiverr makes no claim of ownership of any images, they belong to the buyer according to the terms of service.
After you mark the order as complete fiverr’s watermark should be gone from your delivery. Although I had a couple of buyers complaining that it is still there, I’m assuming it’s either a bug or they did something wrong (perhaps a browser cash issue?). In that case you can contact your seller and ask them to send you watermark-free files.


The watermark will disappear when order mark as completed.
The watermark here actually protects you from fraudulent acts from buyers who have not completed the payment.

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Not quite sure what’s your concern…

Is it preview watermarking done by Fiverr or is it something else?

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If the seller delivered the original file, they should still have that file to work from. Sellers choose whether they want to activate the watermark or not on the Gig page. I use it to protect myself from cancelations after delivery and the buyer running off with a clean image.

The watermarks were nit removed, which was ut there by fiverr. The seller has done a great job, but I am delaying till fiverr have the decency to reply to me.

They have been aware of this pproblem since last Thursday, and here we are now heading into Tuesday, 6 days later (including the weekend) and nt a woord from fiverr.

Watermarking the work of another artiist is a serious with your own watermark is a serious matter in the EU an US, with serious consequences.

I have given fiverr 2 more days to reply before the matter is reported to the copyright frraud team at the EU headquarters.

Are you monitoring these posts fiverr, it’s the only means of contact with you, as you refuse to answer my mails.

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

Customer Support are extremely busy at present and can take up to 10 days or more to respond.

Hopefully you will get a reply sooner.

I hear you and other people but I do not understand so please can you explain this:

a) are you seller or buyer in this story
b) if you are seller you are trying to say that you delivered your files to the buyer and he ACCEPTED delivery but the watermark is still there
c) if you are a buyer you are trying to say you accepted delivery and the watermark is still there

Watermark is not placed on sellers image if the seller is designer, watermark is placed on everything that is sent in delivery as PNG JPG format. This is activated by seller and implemented by Fiverr. Seller can chose not to use this service by Fiverr.

Watermark disappears from the files that are online after buyer accepts delivery (physically clicks yes).

Fiver is not placing watermark on designers property but on the property of the files delivered within Fiverr system. Watermark doesn’t indicate ownership of the Fiverr on to the work/drawing/image/video presented.