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Copyright infringement on order

Hired a logo design, paid for it

Then I had a website made, company workwear created using the logo.

Wore the clothing today and someone pointed out it’s a direct copy of a well known business logo.

When I got home I googled logo, and it’s identical, the designer just copied and pasted the logo. It is a registered trademark too!

What can I do? I am hundreds of pounds out of pocket.

Complain to CS, but aside from getting your money back and the other account getting taken down, I don’t think much else will happen. Legal action is always a thing, but your client is most likely overseas, and that makes doing such highly complicated.

Otherwise, it is against the law in the US to sell stolen goods.


how much did you pay for this logo ?

$12 I think, more concerned with the workwear

it’s very important to check the design yourself when you received something on any kind of freelancer sites … anyone can do a reverse image search on google or tineye .

Sorry I don’t know how to do that, when paying for a pizza I don’t normally check it’s actually pizza. I pay for a service and expect a service.

Have you reverse image searched my picture above?

Yes and I found it :slight_smile:

I had a similar problem in the past with one of my clients that insisted to use a specific graphic then accused me of selling him copyrighted materials… since then I check all of the files … people can be strange :slight_smile:

Can you check the file they produced? My purchased image is the one with the childminding on

Yeah, I know it sucks, but a lot of people steal crap and resell it, taking advantage of the gig economy. For instance, there are a great many people who steal writing from other sites, put it through an article spinner, and then sell it to people as original work.

I hate to say this, but you really do have to be wary when buying services online that have the potential of being pilfered. I know when you order something you expect the work to be original and well-done, but I hate to say that if you purchased a 12 dollar gig, you are most likely going to get about 12$ worth of work.


The price and reviews are usually pretty good indicators, but you also need to do the background check

  • I do the reverse image check before I even hire a freelancer. I take 2-3 logos from their portfolio and check if these are maybe taken from a stock website.
  • I also provide very detailed instructions for the logo to make sure it’s not so easy to use a template. A professional designer will ask about your business and design preferences anyway.
  • And once I get the logo I do another reverse image check.

I order all my logos in vector format, so in most cases I spend $60-80 on a logo. I know it’s rather low, but I’m not really looking for an award winning logo either :slight_smile:


100% agree this is why fiverr is changing the business model

I know that some people will get a meltdown and try to make a battlefield out of this threat, but rest assured, I’ll ignore you.

We had this discussion many times in the past and it all boils down to the fact that design gigs on Fiverr are for soccer moms at best and not for professional businesses. Even though the Fiverr rules are setup in a way that the buyer receives the copyrights for the material, it doesn’t work when somebody sells you stolen IP of somebody else. There is a reason that professional businesses charge professional prices and have a professional handling and communication.

Good night.


Well said. You cannot expect more than what you got for only $12. I know it’s not supposed to be stolen regardless of the price but realistically, think about it. That’s a very high quality logo you got there and if it was original it would be around $500 or more.

It’s like thinking the guy selling you that one carat $2000 diamond for $50 is giving you a good deal when it’s a cubic zirconia he bought for $10.

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Exactly. You also can only buy Rolex replica’s on shady websites.

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Yes you do with your first bite. Bon appetit. :wink:

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So from the help here;

Its clearly all my fault
I should know the value of a logo and what’s cheap and to avoid
I should be making sure fiverr doesn’t breach copyright law
I shouldn’t believe any seller from this website

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On the other hand, and playing devil’s advocate a bit here - perhaps choosing the word ‘rainbows’ which has been used by the Girl Guides for many years wasn’t the best of choices?

From the Girls Guides:
What are Girlguiding’s trademarks?
Girlguiding has protected as far as possible the use of a number of its terminologies and
designs. No manufacturer of any goods for sale may use the following terms without written
permission from Girlguiding:
 ‘Girlguiding’
 ‘Rainbow’ or ‘Rainbows’
 ‘Brownie’ or ‘Brownies’
 ‘Guide’ or ‘Guides’
 ‘Rainbow Guide’ or ‘Rainbow Guides’
 ‘Brownie Guide’ or ‘Brownie Guides’
 ‘Girl Guide’ or ‘Girl Guides’.

Your Fiverr seller may have done you a favour in the long run. Perhaps you need some legal help to determine whether you can use the word ‘rainbows’ or not.

You cannot reserve the word rainbows surely.