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Copyright issue-could I get sued?

Hi There.
I’m a new graphic designer that wanna start selling desing on Fiverr.
I wanna showcase some designs in my profile.
The problem is that those designs (that will be showcased in my profile) are originally Images that have copyright that I edited.
Am I allowed to showcase those designs even though the original pictures have copyright on them or will I get sued by the copyrights holders?
BTW ofc I’ll only sell edits of pics that are copyright free, but my best edits (that I wanna showcase) are of pics that have copyright on them

Only if you have purchased the proper license (and that’s assuming that it’s even possible to purchase such a license) and have the legal permission to do that. Otherwise, it’s copyright infringement, and yes, you can get sued for that (plus you’ll also get banned from Fiverr).


Create new content that would represent the work you plan to provide with the free images.

Don’t show something that you wont offer to people.
You: “Sorry, I don’t offer edits on images with copyright”
Them: “But your profile shows that you do”
You: “Well I don’t, that was just to show an example”
Them: “Not a good example if you can’t do those though. This is the worst thing that has happened in the history of Fiverr and has happened to me just when my girlfriend dumped me. This is the worst birthday ever. I am reporting you to Fiverr Support.”


Not only it’s illegal, you can be sued and banned from fiverr but most of all it’s sooo unfair to your buyers. If you can not create your original content they it’s better not to trick your clients. Every day one or 2 new clients coming to me saying that other designer just took a design from the internet and modified it.

Don’t be dishonest. And create everything yourself. Editing someone’s work is not a graphic design but simple stealing.

This is not designing and not your best work. That’s stealing.