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Copyright Issue | False claim!



so I created a fiverr gig where I promote other peoples instagram accounts.
It got removed due to copyright. Here’s a screenshot

It’s a FALSE claim! I created the gig myself, I created the artwork and created all the text in the gig.
This is illegal i guess? What can I do about it and how can I remove the claim?

another question: How can a person just claim my gig, without any contact information or ANYTHING?

Thank you very much!


I could be wrong but I don’t think it’s related to your image, more the service you’re offering.

Paying for followers may be in breach of IG’s ToS.


Users aren’t allowed to sell things like YT views, FB likes, Insta followers etc


The reason for denying your gig says copyright infringement or a third party ToS violation, and in this case, your gig violates Instagram’s terms of service.

Speaking of violating the rules, in your profile description, you invite buyers to email you. Please keep in mind that contact outside of Fiverr is strictly forbidden.

You may wish to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service, so you can avoid breaking the rules and getting banned:


I sell the “promotion” on instagram. Not the follower themself. 1k is just the milestone when the gig is done.

@catwriter oh okay, thank you for the quick reply! I’ll change it asap


It can be (and will be) seen as selling followers. It was a commonly used trick when selling followers was forbidden: pretending to sell promotion until a certain number of followers is reached, but selling followers instead.

Because of all the people selling followers, likes, subscribers, and so on, even shoutouts can be a problem now.