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Copyright issue for video on gig?

So being a screenplay writer I was just wondering to add a video on my Fiverr Gig to make things more interesting. However, I was wondering if it is possible if I could take come clips from the short movies I wrote which are running on YouTube. Will that be an issue for my gig? I mean like can there be any problem like copyright issue? Surely I wrote the story of those short movies but the producer has the access to that movie.

I wouldn’t use it without written permission. Moving forward, if someone actually asks me how to tip me and I love The project, I will ask for a copy of my work when it’s been mastered in Place of a tip. I think that is A great way to start a collection of your work that’s been mastered by your buyers.

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If you only wrote the content for the video and did not produce or film them, you cannot use them without permission.

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