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Copyright / licence for images

I have a question about copyright. Which servers/websites do you usually use to get licences pictures? Is Unsplash good for this? I mean, I’ve read their licence policy, and it is said that pictures from there can be used free for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Can you, please, give advice how to stay away with licence problems?


You can use stock image websites, pexels is pretty good. You can use it for commercial use, I think you only need to give attribution to the photographer, there are many more stock websites out there that don’t require you to do anything!


Hi. You can purchase licensed pictures from like,, and for commercial and non-commercial purposes.


Well, the question is about shutterstock, too. I saw a lot of posts here that people are really not satisfied with shutterstock images that was included, for example, in presentation. That’s why I am asking… :frowning: