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Copyright management and use of singers

Hello everyone,
I kindly ask for information about copyright management if you hire singers or songwriters:

  1. Regarding the performance of the singers, once the work is completed, can I request a document certifying that, in the future, they cannot request further compensation? when I accept the job, the professional (in my case a singer) can’t ask me anything else? Of course if it is not expressly written in the gig.

  2. instead for songwriters, when I accept the work, do I become the owner of what has been delivered to me? and can I do what I want with it? or do I always have to ask for a document for the cessation of copyrights? as in the first point, except for specific indications in gig.

Looking into the rules of the Fiverr help center:

at the time of delivery I am the owner of what was delivered to me.
Can anyone give me some information?
If you didn’t understand, I use Fiverr as a Buyer / Customer

Thanks for your availability and good continuation of the day.

This is all between you and the Creative to set terms.

IF the individual has NOT noted otherwise, they broadly come under the terms of the general contract which says that when the job is handed over (and paid - and stays paid) the whole ownership moves over to the buyer.

No sane songwriter would hand over a whole Song and let you own it lock stock and many smoking barrels. In the event that the song makes money, they should always be entitled to their cut seeing the song, or their part in creating part of it like a distinctive hook, itself is part of what is earning you that money.

You can write contracts where you take full ownership but they won’t always hold, esp if you write a contract based on unequal power: as in Me Sony Records you tiny ant, Me squash you if no gimme everything which sadly is common, especially among less-than skilled players.

Credit is vital to how Creative industries operate in any sort of healthy form. Be sure you treat that with respect or a) good people will not work with you or b) you can get sued later on for unfair practices.


thanks benedictrm,
instead if I have lyrics and melody written by me and I hire a singer to make him sing??

You own the song. You own the performance seeing you bought it.

Unless you have paid extra for a ghost performance you should credit the singer or they will never want to work with you again - if they have any self-respect (and the good ones do).

As to whether you need to pay that singer again, depends entirely on the agreement. Please be very clear with your singers (and players) if you are putting their Credit on things and whether they will be entitled to performance mechanicals or not. The better (or at least more experienced) the singer, the less willing they will be to work for a one-off tiny fee. Pay scale always or you are leaving yourself open for (well deserved) negative outcomes later.