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Copyright notice in infographics

Sorry if this has been already asked, but are we allowed, in own own infographics we create and sell, to add a short “© mywebsite-dot-com” static notice (no active link) at the bottom of our generated static images?


There’s more in the TOS on the subject.


Thanks. I was afraid there is something like that :slight_smile:

I’m still confused with “Unless clearly stated otherwise on the Seller’s Gig page/description”. This assumes we’re not necessarily asked to ALWAYS waive our intellectual property rights. But how to do this?

The problem with many infographics is once you sell them, the user may display them on his/her website and forget to put any copyright notice anywhere. And someone else could simply steal the image and sell it as its own.


If you want them to have to put a copyright text referring to you whenever they’re used you could put a line of text in the description like TOS says (“unless clearly stated otherwise on the gig page/description”). ie. you could say in the description. “I retain the copyright to all infographics sold. The text © mywebsite must be displayed wherever those infographics are used”. You could/should check with CS to be sure/safe.

Though it might (probably?) be that the website name your are asking them to put on them could be against the TOS/policies to mention in the gig description (I think only their list of website names is allowed and you’d need to be careful about the offsite contact rules) so I’d check with CS about that first. Maybe asking them to put your Fiverr username would be allowed eg. © instead of the website name (stating on the description that that was a condition and that you retain the copyright).

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You don’t get to copyright work you have created for a client. They own it, not you. That’s how commissions work. You can charge more for commercial use, but the client owns it either way.

If I bought something, why would you own the rights? I think you need to research commissions and copyrights. When someone owns something, they control the rights. There’d be little point to owning something otherwise.

Also, you can’t share your company name or website, only your Fiverr one (and not on commissioned work).

If you mean you create an infographic and then sell it to multiple people, that isn’t allowed and you still don’t get to copyright it. Fiverr is for commissioned freelance work, not selling products.

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Thanks everyone, I’d better check with CS to make sure, it’s true.

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