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Copyright of Fiverr in purchased image? Please help


Hello I’m from Germany and can not speak English well. I apologize. I have now made logos panels and so on for twitch. So far so good my designers sent me everything and I downloaded it and now in each photo in the middle is a Fiverr with copyright. why is that ? is it because I accepted it or not? Please help…

with friendly greetings from Germany


Hi there!

Yep - that’s exactly it - the watermark will disappear when you download it after you accept the order.

Here’s some more info - it’s at the bottom of the page.


Ok, stupid of me … can I somehow accept it again after I pressed on request or do I have to wait for a new request from my designer? Sorry for the stupid question


If you asked for a revision, your seller will need to re-deliver your files.

Just send them a message (not another revision request) to say whay you need.


There would be another file formats sent by the seller, the one which is showing watermak is .jpg file. Check he might have sent to you a winrar folder containing all the useable files as well.


You can ask the seller to send you the files in a .rar folder. That is the best way to receive multiple files in a single download.
Once you download the .rar folder in your PC, just do a right click on it and extract all the files at a particular location (eg. Desktop)

Hope this helps you.