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Copyright of images


I see that all sellers use same images for creating logos on virtual offices? but are these office designs royalty free?

Just for reference: Mod Note: Link Removed

I am concerned as once we put that on our website, can any one claim the copyright?

Thank you in advance.


You would need to ask the individual seller this.
I am sure there are copyrights and so I suggest clarifying this with the seller first.
Some may have the license, others may not.


Thank you for your reply!

I checked the description but no seller specify the copyright details.Don’t know if they actually hold the license or not.


There is no need for any seller to mention copyright/licence agreement etc. in their gig description.

This might be useful:

Added - I had a buyer ask me about licence terms etc. - I asked CS what I should do and they said:

You are in no way obligated (as per our TOS) to provide any user with copyright licences but if you wish to do so you can :slight_smile:


click the flag icon the gig you want to claim. thanks


That’s strange!
In the copyright article it says -

If you use any content that you have licensed from a 3rd party as part of your delivery (such as stock photos, licensed music), state it clearly and don’t present it as your own. Also, be sure to verify that your license for 3rd party work includes the right to modify and resell this work.


No :purple_heart: left!

Strange indeed! Could it be that you need the right to modify and resell etc. but don’t actually have to prove it?


Not sure, it isn’t something which affects anything I do so I only ever glance over the stuff but I remembered seeing this a while back and thinking that I haven’t seen anyone doing it!

Edit: Just thought - perhaps it needs to be stated clearly in the delivery, not on the description!


as no seller clarify proactively,does this means to be “Not required license”? I have seen the same images on many seller’s gigs.

quite confused here.


There are images that are free to use, in the public domain etc. - not every image has copyright on it. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are also services, some free, some paid, which allow you to use their images to put logos on etc. as in the example you gave.

Are you looking at this from a buyer’s point of view or as a potential seller?


Yes, as a buyer because we put those images on our website after the designing work.


It’s difficult to say, but if you do a search online for ‘mockup generator’ you’ll see it’s a widely provided service, both here on Fiverr and elsewhere.

For anything else as @eoinfinnegan suggested, all you can do is to ask the individual seller.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Even if they would be royalty free it wouldn’t mean that commercial use is allowed. Any use that endorses a service or product is commercial use. People confuse ‘royalty free’ with ‘public domain’ all the time.


This is such a complicated issue. The best anyone can do is use google image search to try to find out if the logo they purchased is already in use.

Also, unless the image is registered, at least in the U.S. with the copyright office, who can prove who copied whom?