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Copyright of the fonts

I’m completely new for this app and am wondering if we need to concern about the copyright of the fonts. How can a buyer make sure that the work we pay does not violate copyright.

Sorry if my question sounds silly to u guys.

This isn’t a silly question at all. You have no solid guarantees on copyright. Sellers are independent contractors and most are honest, but not all. The key is - “buyer beware.” If you buy a Rolex from a pawn shop, go have it checked. If you want to buy a font you’ll have rights to, ask the seller before ordering if they guarantee how/where you can use or resell it according to your needs.

After delivery but before completing the order, do a search and see if it’s either original (seller designed) or copyright free. If you didn’t get what you were promised, ask the seller for a refund in Fiverr credit or get one through Customer Support. Then buy what you need from another seller.

Thank you so much for answering me.