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Copyright photos/fake examples

shayro said: , then the time we spend on verifying each and every thing the client sends us could easily be more than the time for the work itself.

That's a big reason why buyers come here - the work is cheap because sellers rarely do the research required regardless of the product being sold - they'd have to charge more to make it worthwhile. This whole place would collapse if every seller* operated according to industry standards for quality. They'd have to charge for the time and effort the same as non-Fiverr providers.

*Research etc., is not required for all products & services sold here. And before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, I know that some people do go above and beyond/over deliver/are super-amazing-beyond-reproach even if it is only a fiver. :)

Well, I agree. Buyers like Fiverr (mostly) for the cheap work sellers offer. Some of the Gigs I saw here should be priced at 100$ per project easily! (my opinion).

I am not saying the seller should never check anything, just use common sense. I mean, if the Gig involves drawing, and the client gives you an amazing photo, I would check if it’s licensed or not (or if it’s under creative commons for instance). When the photo looks really professional, it could be made by someone else. The problem is, when, for example, there’s a photo of a place somewhere in the world. Who’s to say it’s not a photo from the client’s vacation? The problem is that so many people go all over the world, even if you see a similar photo on Google search you can never know.

I think that on some level some trust should be established between seller and buyer, otherwise the only work sellers would do would be checking for copyrights :slight_smile: