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Copyright problem

Hey guys
Well i have a question one of my buyers want to get the copyright of a logo that i made and im not sure what should i do exactly ??
hope you help me
Thank you so much

According to the terms of fiverr, anytime any seller gives something to a buyer the copyright transfers to the buyer automatically.

Great thank you so much misscrystal :slight_smile:

I noticed something that might give you trouble, so I want to give you some information in addition to what @misscrystal said. She is correct that if you designed the entire logo yourself, you automatically give the buyer the copyright.

One of your sample images is one that I recognized. It says SRI on your sample with a picture of a colorful round logo. The image portion is already in use by another website, so whoever designed that image owns the copyright. Just adding a company name to an image does not automatically make you the designer. You also have one in your portfolio that appears to be a famous My Little Pony design but has different lettering, so that’s a bit confusing.

If you really did design the image you sent your buyer and you did it completely from scratch, you can sell the copyright to your logo when your buyer completes the order. If you did not design all of it yourself, though, you cannot transfer the copyright to someone else. Take care, because if that happens and a buyer catches it or gets in trouble for using a logo they bought from you, they can file complaints with Fiverr and with the original owner/designer. Good luck.

You have to Create a Document which will state that you are Transferring the rights to the buyer and where he/she can use the files that were created by you. Google for some help or Ask a Lawyer for help in creating the document. Hope this helps

Good point. Selling someone a logo that is copied means you are not the copyright owner. The company you copied it from is the copyright owner.

Thank you so much and about the two logo the buyers want the same design they only want me to change the name and keep the design so i did what they wanted hope this dont put me in troubles i just did what they asked for

If this is the case, why can some sellers charge extra for commercial use?

That’s up to the seller. Some do and some don’t. If they don’t state otherwise, the buyer automatically gets the rights if the seller does original work. If the seller choose to state that they charge extra for any kind of rights, the buyer can decide to pay it or to use another seller.

It doesn’t hurt to give the buyer a document to transfer copyright. It isn’t absolutely necessary, though. (This is still assuming the design is completely original.)

@ghada_f If the buyer gives you a design and they want you to change the text, you can’t give them a copyright guarantee for that and you are taking risks even by putting it in your portfolio. For example, the My Little Pony design you used probably cost thousands of dollars when purchased by Hasbro.

To put another text on a company logo without permission is blatantly illegal. Other people on Fiverr do it too, but that doesn’t make it right. If the buyer gets caught, they will probably blame you. These aren’t my rules, it’s just standard copyright law. Fiverr will not back you for selling someone else’s work.

No i redesign it if you see it’s not the same but he want only the cloud so i redesign it i didnt just put the text but i just said that it’s not my idea. And about the SRI logo the design exist already in a software that all the designers use so i guess even the other website who use it does not own the copyright because it exist in a software so anyone could use it. And about the pony i told him that i cant make you the same exact logo but he insists that he want it and actually a lot of buyers want the same thing so in that case what should i do should i cancel the order or how can i protect myself ??
Thank you

You are right but that gives the Buyer a Guarantee that this is the original work created by the seller for the Buyer. Most people on fiverr wants guarantee in the form of a document so you have to keep one.

P.S Logo Designing is a Completely Different field so Its important.

How do you give a legitimate document without putting your real name on it? That would violate the terms of service.

When you buy a Stock file. It gives you a License. Does that include the Sellers name or the Company’s name?
The name is Just Marketing and I am not using my email address or any of my personal information in the document except my Fiverr ID’s Link.

There are a lot of Files which gives you a license of using them in both Commercial and Personal Projects but i never read a Single name except the Site from where i Bought/Downloaded the file and its License.