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Copyright Query For my Gig

Hey guys, I am new on Fiverr. (Joined in April)

I am going to add a new Gig named Audio Visualiser.

Basically I will we be creating cool visualizers for my client’s music/songs.

For my Gig, I am going to make a Sample edit for the same. So that buyer can get an idea of what they will be buying from me.

So I need to have a song for that.

I want to use this song from YT :

This song comes under a creative commons licence. In simple words, anyone can use it.
I’ve asked the creators if I use this song outside YT, and they have no issue with but just want a credit there (Which I was going to do anyway.)

So The creators don’t have an issue with.

I just want to know, If Fiverr allows me to do that or not.

First I thought to ask it in CS, but on my second thought “Why just don’t ask in Fiverr Forums.”

So can please confirm me what to do. Go for CS or what.

Thanx in Advance BTW.



This is what you are looking for imo.

You need either own uploaded content or have a permission or license to use it to comply with ToS.

As far as I understood you got permission in writing from author so you are good to go.


Actually I asked for written permission and they don’t provide that. IDW. :smirk:

But they’ve clearly mentioned in their Description that anyone can use it.

And if you consider the replied mail as a Written Permission, then I have it.

Well, I am not the one who would consider it at the end but think it should be alright.

I rather purchase music tracks with official licence with name of the company, author name, track name, license number etc.


Yes, I thought for that too. But I specifically want songs with lyrics and sites like Audio Jungle don’t have enough of that. And the available songs are not that…appealing. Also, lyrical songs are significantly more expensive then musical.

Anyway, Thanx for your help. I will use this song only. :sweat_smile: