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Copyright Question!

Hello everyone I just had a quick question…

I have created a character that is already copyrighted. Recently I decided to update the character that I created by hiring some of the graphic designers on Fiverr.

I wanted to know if there would be any issues when it comes to copyrighting since some of the artist modified my character a bit?


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I can’t say. But it is better not to use it after receiving a warning. its my personal opinion

Clarification please: You made a character, then copyrighted and now hold the IP? OR! You made a character, that is actually someone else’s IP?

What do you mean by ‘update the character’? If you mean appearance, and if the character is already in use, a comic that you sell for a example, then just make the change happen in-story.

Or, are you asking about their takes on your character? I suppose that depends on if you gave them the details to change, or if you left the changes up to the artists. The art itself is theirs, but the design, depending on who came up with it, probably depends on the contract you made with the sellers and what everyone agreed to.

I created the character and I copyright it. It was a character that I created around 2015 I recently decided to do an update and enhance the look of the character! All I asked the artist to do is update the character and any small changes or minor ideas they may want to add is ok. Even though I gave them permission to make small changes doesn’t mean that the character that they “updated” will be the end result or the final design I will go with!

It is your character.

Was then, is now.

This is a case of work for hire : you already own Dynamite Dandy and you ask Fiverr Freddy to change his hat from blue to red. Still your character. Freddie has the moral right under law to say he drew the red hat (and within fair usage show his version) but not make out that Dynamite Dandy is his character or even sell t-shirts.


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Agreed, if this is actually your character, then it’s still your character. Sounds like it’s still somewhat in the concept stage, appearance-wise. Good luck with your project!

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Thanks! I appreciate the reply. Im trying to make sure I get things right!

Thank you very much. My character is beyond the concept stage, he is already created. He is a passion project that I created years ago to help with the education entertainment for children and especially those with Autism! I just wanted to update him because this was an idea that I came up with 5 years ago now!