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Copyright regarding work


Hi I am about to set up an illustration gig (apart from my original gig) and I was wondering about copyrights.

I have read some posts here, but would like be certain.

If I create an illustration and sell it to a paying customer here on Fiverr, will I be able to show it as a part of my portfolio anywhere I please? (my own web site, or offline hard copy to other future clients)

Additionally, as someone had written already here: Copyright and Work For Hire legalities

Is it OK if I add the following to my description:

"Copyright Info:

I retain some basic rights to display, distribute, and reproduce the images in regards to my personal portfolio of works. Otherwise the work is yours to do with as you please."

Additionally, how does the “commercial use” fit into this (with the sentence above), and what difference does it make if it is ticked or unticked?

Thanks for your response, I would like to find this out before I proceed with posting my second gig.


If you clearly and explicitly state the following phrase in your gig description, you retain those rights.

Don’t forget to add: “If you don’t hold by my terms please refrain from ordering.”


Personally I ask after I finish the work If I can display the work on my portfolio. But you might need a different approach. I think that as long as you let the client know, through your gig description, it’s ok. So you might be able to put that “copyright info” quote in there.


Hey thanks for your response.
Is that last sentence not obvious (“If you dont hold by…”)? It does read somewhat jarring, as if I am reminding them a second time what Ive stated before.

Additionally how would this work if say in the future if I do not have an account on Fiverr anymore, and if someone reaches out that I have the image Ive done for them in my portfolio that Ive done through Fiverr? Do you recon I should take screenshots or save history somehow? Is this even possible legally?

Also how does the “commercial use” tick play into this? What difference does it make if it is ticked or not ticked?

Again thanks for your replies and time, I am much obliged.

I’d rather tell them this upfront just in case :wink:


Now browsing through some seller profiles here on Fiverr, II have noticed that some illustration artists (children book illustrators) do tick the “commercial use” option while others do not. I wonder how is this, and how does this impact the final sale from both the seller and buyer perspective?
While I might asking difficult questions no doubt, and perhaps overthinking it is best to be safe than sorry :wink: and while I think I will eventually publish my gig this info would surely give me a confidence boost in what I would be offering.

I would appreciate if any illustrators could chime in?

Thanks a bunch, I will be in your debt.

PS. Don’t mean to nag or be impatient just thought I would write a quick follow up post after looking through profiles.

Edit: link with interesting information for reading later:


Alright I think I might have figured it out.

Commercial use is simply for commercial use, making a profit with ones work, instead of private use (no profit).
It actually was not that difficult :wink: and I indeed was overthinking the matter.