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Copyright violation?

Help! I hired someone to write a few blog posts for me through Fiverr. I just posted the first one last week on my blog and I just received a message to my email from a “Fragglesrock Fragglesrock” who says she is the originator of the blog post, that she was scammed by the Fiverr account and not paid for her services, and that I have to pay $50. This is obviosly some kind of scam. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m not sure how to proceed? I did not post the blog word for word, I dos make my own edits. Should I take this down? Do I have to report he Fiverr seller?

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To me it’s sound super fishy! I would contact customer support and see if they can look into this issue. Good luck!

Probably, your seller bought the article from somebody else, then demanded a refund but kept the article to resell it to you.
If I were you, I’d open a ticket and explain the case to CS. They’d probably refund you the money. Then you won’t have the rights to use that article anymore, but hopefully the scammer will be banned from Fiverr.

@jrego79 you dont have to pay this third party anything. The dispute is between them ( the person who mailed you) and the other Fiverr account. For all you know they may be one and the same person but anything on here is just speculation. I would notify this person that their dispute is with the other party and to resolve it with them. You bought the articles/ blog posts in good faith from the person purpoting to be the writer and any disputes between the other two other parties are exactly that. I would also notify the seller you bought the content from and make it very clear you expect this to be resolved very quickly. I would not take the content down at all. You have done nothing wrong and taking it down may have an impact from an SEO perspective if this content is on your site.

Thank you all for sharing. I have reported the issue to Fiverr and they just confirmed they have escalated the issue. I did question if they would refund me and if so I’ll take it down. This is s annoying and has me questioning if I want to continue using this service

Whatever blog / post you’re buying -anywhere- - you should always do a copywrite / duplicate check with a tool such as Copyscape. This way you prevent disappointment in any case!

also, you should check all of your other blog articles that you bought that you haven’t posted yet on copyscape and see what comes up. Or even just google one sentence in quotes and see if any matches come up.

Depending on how much you are paying for these blog post articles, you may not want to assume that they are custom articles, many are just resale articles, not original. For $5 depending on the length most writers aren’t going to do major original work for $5. So always google around and check any articles you buy.

But in this case, asking you for $50 directly does seem a little like a scam, glad Customer service is looking into it.

Reply to @belengarcia: 101% agreed and nice explanation!

Reply to @jrego79: Specially for writing gigs, I’d suggest you contact the seller first. Send them a message where they have to explain something to you, so you can check if they’re native English speakers or not, and how’s the quality of their writing.

I’m pretty sure there’re some great writers on Fiverr, and some of them regularly post on this forum.

Reply to @jrego79: CS will probably refund you. As has been said, you can find good writing on Fiverr so when they refund you, you can get what you need. Just take care when making your choice. Since it is writing that you need, I would make sure that the person you choose writes in fluent English (both in gig description and by sending a message prior to purchase) and that they have multiple good reviews.

Pick someone with at least a 95% positive rating (not lower than 4.5 stars) and most of all, check their writing samples. Most writers will have some samples displayed on their gig images and/or PDF’s beside the gig images. A few will have their samples displayed elsewhere like in a slideshow on YouTube or photos of the writing on Flickr.

Take a portion or all of those samples and check it with CopyScape. It should show up as original work or at least on a page that appears to be connected to the seller you want to work with. You can get good writing from $5 and up, the price mainly depends on how many words you need and how much research it will take.