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Copyrighted Fiverr order deliveries

Hi there, Fiverr used to be my go-to platform for all my design needs. For the last two gigs I ordered, The designers copied copyrighted work from the internet and delivered to me. Luckily for me, I thought to check first. I ordered an ‘About Us’ page, and the person copied, word for word, the About Us page from a popular brand. I had to cancel.

Also just ordered for a logo for my clothing brand, and the designer literally copied an image from a stock image site. Either I’m just unlucky, or the designers pass other people’s work as theirs. I’ve been trying to contact customer support to help fix this issue. Any ideas?

Hi Joshua - I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you! Very smart of you to check it, because Google would have dinged you on duplicate content. Can I ask what sort of price point you’re hiring your gig workers with? There’s no excuse for plagiarism at any level, but you’re going to see more $5-a-gig workers trying to get away with it than higher price points.

(PS: If you need assistance with an actual custom-written About Us page, I’d be happy to help :wink:


You mean you don’t know how to contact them, or that you did but you didn’t get a reply or the issue didn’t get fixed? To contact them, you open a ticket here:

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Unfortunately a lot of designers using or stealing work to maintain low prices. No one in real world will create a logo for example for 5$. 5$ basically 15 min of someone’s time so you can’t create anything original in 15min.

I’m not saying it’s ok, it’s highly unethical and fiverr is removing all gigs with stolen pictures, however it’s much tougher to do it on by order basis only if you yourself will report it to customer support.

However you are most likely to get an original work that presented with more or less market rate which is never low and usually min of 100$ for most of the services. I know a lot of great sellers with even low prices on this forum but you’ll have to invest some time to find your right seller on fiverr.


Thank you so much. It worked, and the issue has been resolved.