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Copyrighted GIGS

Hey guys, so we just saw a video editing gig that had a whole youtube video by JR Alli ( A known video editing youtuber)
Are we supposed to report it now or not?
Because it hurts to see that there are editors here (inluding our studio) who actually spent day and night making our gig stand by the competition here ,but some people just download and upload videos by experienced editors and are making money by that.


Yep - Report it! It´s uncool.


Sometimes known professionals outsource their work to some degree (while aggressively claiming that they never do) and it’s possible that the seller had actually something to do with the video in question. Then they could either assume it was okay to exhibit it as the sample of their own work or had a special permission to do so.

I’m not saying that this is what happened here but it’s a thing to consider.

On a similar note, there were a few sellers in Poster category who would just use their favorite movie posters as samples of their work for years. I just laughed at that. Because it’s not like any of those people could actually create something on the level of BossLogic for $5-$25 if they were ever hired. It’s not even misleading, it’s just incredibly silly.


I would personally report this even if your not 100% sure. Through further investigation we can soon find out!

Well you may be right BUT before taking any action against it, we contacted the seller and asked him about so. All he did was block us.
Apart from that, we are 100% sure from the experience we have that, that person didnt have any kind of permission to use the footage.( its a fact and we are not even judging the seller).
So yes while considering all options, reporting him was the best.

You are violating fiverr’s Terms of Service by contacting other sellers for anything except discussing potential orders, btw. That includes random questions and lectures on copyright. You may have been already reported for spam which what you did was.

If you have suspicions or proof of any wrongdoing, you have a full right to submit an inquiry to CS instead of inserting yourself into the situation the way you did.


Yes. You should report it.

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