Copyrighted Material


I’ve seen a lot of gigs lately that I know the person did not create what they are selling. A lot of them look like they have been bought and are selling that designers work to people on fiverr. Is this legal? I don’t think it is.

What does fiverr do about people ripping off others work?


Are there really those that plagiarize copy written materials? What good is FIVERR, if I want a professional job done to what is needed. I don’t know WORDPRESS, or can BLOG…so I will hire it out, and after reading about FIVERR, and getting recomends…I will give this a try… but I am a bit concerned of those copying…or using copy written materials…are there any guarantee against lawsuits…lol


Reply to @kjblynx: Ah, yeah I guess. But that’s a lot of effort. I think they should have a ‘report’ button on people’s pages.


Reply to @moronidude: Fiverr is great. You shouldn’t worry about this - as it’s only a small amount of people I’ve noticed. I guess your at your own risk, so no guarantee you’re not going to get something that has been ‘stolen’. Just make sure the seller looks reputable. :slight_smile:


Two alternatives.

  1. Rip off - most likely quick cash hunters that don’t care or simply don’t know that it’s illegal.

  2. Arbitrage - they have bought an extended/reseller licence to some cool work and see it as a business model. Pay $300 for licence, sell 61+ units, make profit…

    If you order gigs like this, ask for official extended/reseller licence. If they can’t show it to you, some alarm lights should go off.