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Copyrighted music in video editing gigs

So im a new seller here in the video editing section and i want to know how to deal with music in my edits, do people that offer video editing service only add non copyrighted music?
if a customer wants you to add a copyrighted song do you tell him you can only add copyright free music?

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Ethics and morals.

What if you do use copyrighted music, and a buyer later get in trouble? What’s to keep them from blaming you for their problem? For not warning them? People who don’t care about copyright laws probably also don’t care if other people get caught, so long as they themselves don’t, and tend to be happy to point fingers and pass blame.

The only way to not get in trouble is to stay blameless.
(You can theoretically do this with loop-hole-proof wording in your gig that’s also ToS compliant, but you also have to already know what the copyright law is, Fiverr ToS is, and Fiverr policy is, and by asking this question in the forums, you’re implying that you don’t know.)

Let me put it another way: Is it worth the risk of being banned?

It’s okay to break copyright law as long as your client sources the material, not you?

Wow that’s a new one. :joy::joy::joy:


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right now this is what it says in my FAQ: “Yes I can add copyrighted music if you want me to but if you are unable to use the video at any platform, I will not take any responsibility for that. If you want me to i can add non copyrighted music from my own libraries to the video.”

im not sure if having this in my FAQ helps in any way but what you’re saying is i should only use non copyrighted music even if the client wants a copyrighted one?

You need to be saying clearly in both your faq and buyer requirements that you only use copyrighted material when it is properly licenced.

Make them confirm it.