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Copywriting Sample Request Overload

Have any other copywriters noticed an extreme increase in “buyers” requesting to see samples/examples? It seems like EVERY buyer is asking to see samples. I personally do not share samples because

  1. They are the property of the buyer who commissioned the work
  2. I have been approached by scammers who are just searching for samples to add to their own collections.

Has anyone else noticed this? How do you approach the whole sample request for copywriting gigs?


I have samples from buyers who purchased outside of Fiverr who gave me permission to use their work as part of my portfolio. Before I had that, I created some sample copy projects for fictional brands to use as samples.

Also, if a buyer approves their delivery to be part of my live portfolio as a sample, I can direct new buyers to my gig gallery for samples.

I do not provide custom samples, as that is just free work with a different name.


Thank you very much for that feedback.

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I had one today - and I haven’t offered writing services on Fiverr for a few months.

I always (used to) tell prospective clients to view my portfolio and to read my feedback.

Depending on the tone of their approach and the subject matter, I would sometimes suggest a small sample project / custom offer of say 250 words for $10.

If they insisted on a free sample I would simply tell them they are not the sort of people I want to be working with. There were also times I said I would report them for soliciting free work. I’m not desperate. I am skilled and I place a value on my time, experience and tools (computer, internet connection, etc).

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Thank you. I’m with you 100%. Most of these people are asking for samples of writing I’ve done for others. But, like you said, when you have a ton of positive reviews and a high Fiverr level, why would you be asking for samples? I could take any piece of work on the Internet and say I wrote it for them. How would they know? That’s why I rely on my Fiverr reviews. But so many people are asking to see samples, I’m starting to wonder if they are legit or scammers trying to sample-colllect.