Coroflot Portfolio on My Gig



Please can some one help me that can I show my coroflot portfolio on my Fiverr Gig?



You can’t. The gallery section on Fiverr gigs only includes three images that you upload, and the rest of the gallery images are only placed in your gallery by permission from your clients/buyers.

So, if you want to feature your own images on your gig, you are going to have to upload them into the three spots allowed by Fiverr.


You can add a video, PDF or you can add flickr portfolio link to your fiverr gig description.


I also wNt to know How to add protofile any one here to help


Thanks Dear (●´з)♡(・´з・)(●´з)♡(・´з・)(´ε` ):heart:


Yes he can, he can upload a PDF file that Includes his portfolio no matter how many Images In there and this Is the best way to show your work to buyers.