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Corona ended my Fiverr career

Hi Everyone, I hope you all are doing great.

so everything was great, i had many orders but one day i was infected by corona, a very unfortunate day. It destroyed my Fiverr career.
I was asked to leave my house and shift to a quarantine center for 28 Days (14 Days active + 14 Days Passive). Quarantine center was away from city with very bad internet connectivity. I work on my PC which i high end i don’t have a high end laptop yet which can help me in creating graphics quickly.

I took an old laptop with me to work from the quarantine center. I had over 14 Orders that Day.

All orders got delayed i couldn’t even come on mobile to ask for extending the delivery time.

My Gig was listed on first page but now its no where.

Covid Ended my Fiverr Career.
I have No Job now.

I am going through a lot of stress. My savings will help me survive only 2 more months.

No other place to share these so i posted here.

Thanks For your time.
Stay Safe



Really very sad moment. I hope you will come back your past life


Hi Roshanekka,

It’s really sad to hear your story, but don’t lose hope there are a lot of work to do on fiverr. You can learn more skills and try to provide them on fiverr.

Also you are not alone here. My all gigs also de-rank and I am still trying to find work on fiverr.

Have a good day ahead


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God Bless you @roshanekka


Very sorry to hear this @roshanekka - so disappointing for you.

But I’m glad you’re feeling better and out of the quarantine center. Those always struck me as a bit unhygenic …

Stay well - and rebuild your profile.


Feel bad to hear that. Don’t worry. Move on, work as same you worked. Hopefully you will shine again


No worries, first of all you should thank God that you are alive.

Good or bad days have come for everyone. Hopefully you will come back to your past life

Best Wishes for you :blush:


Bo worries…May allah bless you


Hello Roshanekka,

Sorry for what you had to go through. My prayer is that you do not lose hope. You will emerge from this stronger and better.


So sorry for what happened. I hope you’re feeling better. Don’t lose heart. You can recover from this - be patient and kind to yourself during this period!


It’s really sad to hear about your situation @roshanekka :frowning: you’ll get more orders soon and I wish for that!

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Hope you are well now. Back to work. I think you can back to first page soon… :muscle:

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Oh. Keep trying to get some orders

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So…, please be safe!

If not needed…, don’t go outside.
If you need to go…, WEAR your mask!

Hope the Covid Vaccine can works and this pandemi will over on 2021.


Don’t worry mate! Real people and real skills never ends up! You will be back with a better quality of work and gig


Don’t worry. Try to show up your skills. Hopefully you will get success soon.