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Corona virus has attacked on gig's

The corona virus has attacked on the fiverr gig’s impressions, views and on clicks. Must need to wearing mask on fiverr gig’s. Stay your gigs at home live safe.


My Gigs have never been quarantined, go out on a daily basis and don’t wear a mask.



Yours must be blood type O and are immune. Lucky!


so why there is nothing to show on gigs like impressions, views and click…


gigs blood type is B


Coronavirus has nothing to do with the Analytics display bug. The metrics are still being accrued, they just aren’t being displayed. Gigs have not stopped gaining impressions just because the impressions are not being displayed.


Best wishes for gigs and thanks for great line


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i guess my gig has been quarantined at the isolation centers and recieving treatments…cos i have not been getting orders for some days.


Do you really believe the analytics data is stored correctly everywhere in Fiverr’s databases etc. ( all relevant tables) and that it just can’t show those values?

Don’t you think the analytics page just basically took values that were already stored somewhere (like in fields in a particular table or that could easily be calculated from them) and then displayed them (eg. in the graph/as values)?

It’s not really a “display issue” if it’s wrong in one or more places in the database. The analytics page wouldn’t read through lots of data to show one value to the user as it wouldn’t be efficient.

Why would it take multiple weeks to show a value that is already stored correctly when the code for showing that data in the graph hasn’t really changed? Where’s the difficulty in showing a value that is already stored correctly using the method they already had? And if it was correct everywhere in the database, why was it only recent days’ values that started being shown as 0 when the previous days were being shown correctly (before they changed everything to show “N/A”).

It’s obviously stored wrong somewhere (if stored at all in that place) in the database and that was what was getting displayed before they changed it to show “N/A”. And they’re obviously trying to fix the values somewhere in the database (even if it’s right somewhere else) or get it to start writing the values correctly somewhere in the database for a seller’s analytics figures (eg. daily/weekly/monthly totals).


I’m sure they can see the actual number of impressions gigs get somewhere. It’s probably where those numbers are read and utilized by the algorithm. The entire code for all these functions must be complex.


Daily & weekly or monthly impressions? I’m not sure they can - at least without totalling them in the way (or similar to) they’re trying to get the system to do automatically.

And yes the numbers (such as daily/weekly/monthly totals) for things like clicks or conversions might get used by the algorithms(s) used by the search engine. And if some of them are wrong (incorrectly totalled for some, no values or zero values for others), then it could potentially affect the Fiverr search engine results. It’s more likely those totals could be used by the search engine than individual records of a click/view for a gig at a particular date & time.


I’m sure they can. They know. The problem is in the coding. And how it all relates to the algorithm. Can you imagine how complicated that must be?

And if they need to make some sort of changes to all of that, it’s going to be a very difficult process.

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I believe what Fiverr has told us – that “your Gigs are active, and all the metrics are calculated as usual”.


Okay so it was just a “display issue” that caused valid database values that were all stored/totalled correctly to get changed to 0 when they tried to print those values to the screen in their existing code in the more recent days before they changed it to “N/A” :slight_smile:

I don’t think Fiverr is giving a full enough version of what is actually happening by saying what they have. They’re saying it’s a “display issue” just so it doesn’t seem that big of an issue - but it’s taken weeks to try and fix and the last post in the “N/A” thread says it will still be a few more weeks. Values might be getting stored in one place but not in the place needed by the gigs screen - it’s not stored correctly in the place in the database that that gigs screen reads (eg. the totals - and that could effect other things like the search engine if that also reads those totals).

It’s obviously not just a “display issue”. It must be stored incorrectly somewhere for it to have shown it incorrectly like they did. Like I said, it would be too inefficient for it to be reading lots of records before showing the monthly/weekly/daily totals for each gig (in the “gigs” page) so it’s very unlikely to be doing that (it would have to keep re-reading all those tons of records each time you reloaded the page) - instead it will have been using stored values - and they will have recently (before the “N/A” change) been incorrect (or not set).

Fiverr haven’t said what exactly has caused this or whether those values/totals for clicks/views etc. for gigs are correct in every place in the database(s) or anywhere else they’re stored - or explained why a piece of code that was displaying the values suddenly stopped working (what changed apart from the stored data that was used by that code?).


My gigs were in ICU for 2-3 weeks. Thank God they recovered, and discharged now. But they are still feeling weakness.


:rofl::rofl:Stop :rofl: :rofl:


They have told us what we need to know. Nothing is stopping any seller from earning sales. And, as is often said on this forum, earning sales is an issue of seller self-responsibility, not waiting around for Fiverr to provide sales. We know what we need to know. Fiverr – or any Fiverr display error – is not keeping anyone from being responsible and earning their success.

And they don’t need to. They’re working on the issue, and we can be patient until it is fixed.


But surely what was shown with the data before it was shown as “n/a” shows that it was not just a “display error” - it wasn’t just the code that displays it not working properly. Just by seeing what happened with the values before they changed it to “n/a” you must know that’s the case. And given everything else I said there.

So since Fiverr haven’t given us a full enough story about what has happened and whether the data is correct in every place in the database(s) etc. we can’t really continue saying that it’s being stored correctly (at least not everywhere).

If it was being stored correctly everywhere, how long really would it take to display that value on screen?

We don’t know for sure whether any incorrect stats/totals are affecting the search engine - if they are then it might affect sales.

Yes but Fiverr should really be open enough about the issue, especially if people are going to repeat what they say as though all values are correctly stored everywhere (which, if that was true, it would surely be easy to display it). If Fiverr aren’t going to say what has happened fully enough, we shouldn’t really be saying “everything is being stored correctly (as though they’re all being stored/totalled correctly everywhere they normally are)”.

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None of what you said makes any difference at all to anyone. Who cares? Does it help you to know what exactly the problem is or is it just curiosity. I don’t care why the stats aren’t displayed nor do I expect to be told details of what’s going on.

That’s not going to help me to know that. Fiverr doesn’t need to tell us details. It seems like it’s some sort of a big deal to speculate about the intricate details and whether or not it really is a display issue. Why would anyone care?

Would it set your mind at ease if fiverr published a 12 page analysis of all the technical details of what is going on complete with all the technical jargon?

I’m sure you would go on at length about that if they did. Arguing the reason it can’t be correct.

It’s your right to do that of course, but it’s just that it’s an exercise in futility and a time waster. It won’t help you in any way.


It’s about being open and honest with sellers.

Hypothetically if a site said “all your stats are being stored correctly, nothing to worry about” and this led many other sellers to say “don’t worry all your stats are being stored correctly (everywhere in the database)” and “it has no effect at all on earnings/search” but the reality was only some values were being stored correctly/only in one place and they were wrong somewhere else, and in the hypothetical case it did effect earnings because the search engine used some of those incorrect stats, surely sellers are being misled really.

Being open/honest (enough) about what is happening is surely the best policy. If it is actually wrong somewhere in the db, it is surely right to tell sellers. If it might actually affect the search results, we should be told.