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Corona Virus is attacking Fiverr also? Its running slow

Who all are facing difficulty in getting orders? Anything to modify, check my GIG and please suggest

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I would seriously consider changing your title to this post.

I see nothing funny about the pandemic and making light of it does not sound very professional.


It’s more than a bit of a clickbait title for an “Improve My Gig” type post.


A Mod will be along shortly to remove the link or change the category. How do I know? I will never tell. :wink:

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I haven’t noticed any difference in the loading times. Fiverr has always been fast for me. Might be your internet connection if pages are being slow for you. And I’m pretty sure servers are immune to that kind of viruses. :woozy_face:


I have same opinion . But it’s true new seller doing struggle