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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impacts On Freelancing!

Hi there,

Greetings! Hope you all are well. I’m here since 2017. Day by day the performance is going well.

But is this year a caution for me? Why?

Because I’m an eCommerce product photo editor and image background remover. Most of my clothing brand buyers are importing their dress product from China((COVID-19))! Nowadays I think they are in very complex condition. Maybe that’s why the number of new buyer is decreasing! and I’m getting less product photos. Though other photo types are going well.

What’s about your Fiverr category/sector? Is everything going well? Write in comment/reply box. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks & Regards,


I manage a German translation team Gig and also wondered the same thing.
However, I myself haven’t seen a decrease in the last few days. Our impressions, sales, new buyers and gig ranking are actually significantly increasing currently even though many of our orders are user manuals for new products (usually from China).
But I’m really interested about how other categories are doing too…


Interesting topic. Too early to say. If it goes full pandemic, I can see major disruptions in industries that rely on supply chains, the travel industry, food and retail, and other businesses. Schools and Governments too. That could shift people to work from home or to rely on outsourcing or slow it all down for everyone touched by this.


I was just reading that most who get it only have mild flu like symptoms. They do not know why some people die from it but it seems to be an over reaction of some people’s immune systems in response to the virus. People who work in hospitals, and the elderly or those with less robust immune systems seem to come down with it the worst, although top officials in some countries have also come down with it.

So far in the U.S. there have been 60 confirmed cases in just a few states. Unfortunately people returning from the eastern countries who were exposed to the virus on planes have boarded planes to various destinations around the country. So far the government response has been much less than ideal.


Most goods arrive by ship, so Corona Virus isn’t an issue. The only issue might be an economic slowdown until a cure is found.

However, people are still buying goods and needing services, so your orders should keep coming.

We should also keep things in perspective.

The CDC estimates that as many as 56,000 people die from the flu or flu -like illness each year. (in the USA)

Corona virus kills a lot less than that, and not everyone who gets it dies from it.


We have just now had it enter the U.S. so no one knows how bad it can get.
Some people who are exposed to it have their immune systems over react to it which then send too many attack cells into the lungs. The die off of cells in the lungs chokes off the oxygen supply.

It is spread when people sneeze or cough. It may also be spread from touching things with droplets on it. Wash hands after touching things in public for 20 seconds at least or use hand sanitizer and do not touch your face eyes or mouth.


I was waiting for someone to start this discussion about COVID-19 virus.

It is affecting and will be affecting a lot of businesses and areas. Already a lot of markets are affected including oil and gas and even manufacturing and phones, TV etc potentially might have higher prices in the next year or so. The impacts are going to be way dipper and extend and after the virus epidemia is done.
I live in one of the countries with highest numbers of sick people but this government handled situation amazingly fast and doing everything to stop the spread. They found all contacts of sick people (which are more than 2000 people that they found and quarantined as a prevention even without symptoms), closed borders (which a lot of people doesn’t like), made it a CRIMINAL offence to withhold information about your whereabouts and your health condition. Your visas will be revoked and you will be deported from the country if you breached home quarantine. Government will pay all your medical bills if you get sick and if you are in official quarantine you will be compensated 100$ for each day.

But there is no point to panic because of this and just to take normal precautions which should’ve been common sense by now, not to sneeze and cough with open mouth, do not spit on the streets, wash your hands and don’t touch your face. Seriously it’s all common sense and governments shouldn’t be telling us to follow this rules.
We still have more chances to be hit by a car.
But industries will be affected in short and long run.


Auto manufacturing has been almost halted in many countries including China and Korea. It’s having a worldwide economic impact. People can spread the disease even before they know they are sick. Also the ones who spread it can have a mild version of it while spreading it to people who will have over reactions to it and possibly die from it. Places like schools, hospitals and jails and prisons are particularly going to be breeding grounds.

As freelancers it’s possible to stay home and not go to places in public right now until we see how much of our area is going to be affected. So if this gets out of control at least many of us don’t have offices to go to.


That’s pretty terrifying to be honest. I mean, it is flu and cold season so a lot of people will have Corona virus symptoms anyway. I’ also hope those laws a temporary… :thinking:


Not here :grin: it’s +30 degrees here all the time.

I’m pretty chilled with government having info on me and spying and putting this preventive measures. I’m all for it if it’s going to protect me. But yes, they are temporary.
However it does make sense to make it a criminal offence if you look from a different angle: in South Korea there is an old aunty that got sick a lot of people going to church and buffets every day, she knew she had symptoms, she visited a doctor and doctor explicitly asked her to make a test because he suspect a virus, she refused. And even after she knew that she might have virus she still went to church and drunk from the same cup with everyone else.

So I’m a way if she got someone knowingly sick and someone would die from it, it is indirect murder. Which is a criminal offence.


Oh my… I have to say it is affecting… I had a few buyers discussing about creating some brochures for travel, cruise ships & some events in some of the affected countries… All were on hold till further notice… :thinking:

We had only one confirmed case here… She was cured & sent back to her own country a few weeks ago… I read somewhere that, even if you were cured once, you have a chance of getting it again… That’s too bad.

:frowning: Hope this gets sorted and everything will come back to normal around the world…


Right now the money is in corona virus stocks (some of them). There’s one called VIR, before the epidemic, it was trading for $13 or something, now it’s trading for $60.

Another one, VXRT went up 49.70% today.

I’m not promoting anyone, just sharing my experiences in the stock market. It’s my side-gig, not with real money yet, but someday.


I’m getting some Tamiflu anti viral medicine. Not sure if it would help though.

No way to even get tested to see if you have it if you get sick. Even at hospitals there is not a test available. No cure. You just see what happens. I’m going to begin to eat a couple of cloves of garlic a day to boost the immune system. Apparently you need an instant immune response to it, not a delayed one. I also take a daily probiotic.


Yeap! To do everything to boost up max the immune system don’t forget the tea. :sunny:


I would like to stop getting mail and packages. Mail is incredibly germy.


I’m new here and I don’t know where much about buyers statistic but for my opinon the virus will decrase the sell because, everything is much expensive in medical now and people are afraid to spent money beacuse there are saving : in Italy a mask is now 140 euro around 170$ and people will save money for critical moment plus a lot people are staying at home losing there jobs! In short ways for me is just begining but let’s hope for best! :hugs:


Good point… :slight_smile:


That’s really bad - I know you (Italy) are having a harder time with it than most at the moment.

When reports about it started getting more frequent I noticed Amazon sellers were either selling out or were increasing their prices 30-40%. I used my company account with a medical supply company and bought 2 boxes of masks (300 total) for 10 euro - I’m not particularly concerned but you never know if you/friends/family will need them. The same company no longer has any stock, same as many other medical companies and prices have risen all over the place quite drastically…This is in the UK.


The mask wouldn’t save you anyway :wink: mask is protecting from airborne viruses and this coronavirus is not airborne but transferred with droplets. So it’s advised to wear mask only if you feel sick and experiencing any flu like symptoms to protect others from your droplets, sneezing and coughing.
And if you are healthy mask wouldn’t make any difference for you.


Not entirely correct. Depending on the mask. An N95 disposable mask (or P2 / P3 for European equivilant) do offer a form of protection, but health officials are cautious to recommend them because most people won’t use them properly (fitted flush to the face properly at each use) and they’re not designed for more than short term use. They’re also a little expensive.

A regular surgical mask does give some degree but the main reason is that is helps protect people when touching their face/mouth (which they do some 23-40 times an hour) - Wearing a mask reduces the risk of transmission, if nominally, as long as you’re practicing good hand hygeine as well.

As you rightly said, The other benefit is that they also help reduce a person who is infected spreading it further theoretically.

I’m a bit screwed either way as I have a big beard :laughing: Time to head to the bunker!!