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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impacts On Freelancing!

I’m bringing a yardstick with me to hold out if someone is near. :straight_ruler:


HI, I don’t think that you are going take advantage of this situation because most industries are closed but yes you will get order’s more then your exceptions when we have vaccine for COVID-19 and i’m sure COVID-19 ending soon. Best of luck to you stay safe.

Thank you

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That’s not right. That’s like waiting two years for a kidney, undergoing dialysis three times a week, and when a kidney is finally available, they give it to a celebrity.

If I show up to the hospital first, I’m supposed to be treated first. What kind of sickos choose who gets to live and who gets to die? If someone dies because all respirators were taken, that’s sad, but at least that person didn’t die because someone deemed him or her unworthy.

Older people are worthy. They have families, they’ve paid taxes their entire lives, some of them fought in WW2, they should be honored instead of being sentenced to death by giving that respirator to another patient.

Anyway, that’s my opinion, we can agree to disagree.


I’m not saying that I agree, I’m saying that that’s how they decide.

But what if a bunch of people are taken to the hospital at the same time (or are already there and their condition is getting worse), and the hospital doesn’t have enough respirators for all of them? A decision has to be made, and quickly, otherwise more people will die.


Here at least they would give it to younger people before older ones. Unless the older ones were doctors or retired doctors, or wealthy, and male.

Doesn’t that scare you? Imagine you’re 25 and sick, and a retired doctor gets the respirator you need just because someone deems his life worthier than yours?

Yes but I’ve seen and known enough doctors and how things operate that it’s how it works. An 80 year old woman wouldn’t stand a chance for example. They make decisions like this all the time actually. What if it’s someone without any health insurance? If they need a ventilator and those are in short supply they won’t get one.

I’ve read recently of a woman without any health insurance who had to pay $39,000 for the entire corona treatment. It won’t surprise me if many people without insurance decide not to visit a doctor if they start feeling the symptoms, and just stay where they are and hope for the best (and possibly infect more people).


It won’t surprise me, at least at the hospital I’m close to, if people without health insurance are sent home even if they are sick. Or even if they have health insurance if they don’t feel like treating you for some reason they say there’s nothing wrong and send people home.

The other hospital near me keeps people in the hospital for as long as possible but never lets them see any doctors, to run up a bill. They call it “observation” only no one is observing the patient. It’s like an expensive hotel.

India shut down for 21 days… Its important but one thing i don’t understand is that how IT industries are getting affected by this. I mean the IT work is all digital work and employees are working at home. Why the offers are down as it is an online process? how is lock down affecting the buyers requests?


Economics is the answer. What would you do in case of lack of orders? You would probably start saving at first place. That’s what I think businesses consider now. And this is likely the reason why there could be less requests and orders.

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yeah i agree… i have some of my regular buyers so i can take it positively till some point of time but it will be matter of concern for me if less orders will last for long.

I saw a job ad for a Chat Support Specialist (on Indeed), it pays $12 to $13 an hour, and here’s the best part:

" * Due to Covid-19, our staff is working remotely at this time. Therefore, you will need to have your own computer or laptop with a web camera and an internet connection. Once the threat has been resolved, the position will be located in Boca Raton, FL and you will no longer be working remote. Do you meet this qualification? (If not, please still apply and we’ll reach out once we resume business in the office, as usual)"

Companies should embrace remote work permanently.


I agree, there is no reason for some jobs to require office work. It is quite easy to have teleconferencing as well as checking up on employees at their jobs to keep tabs on them remotely.

I was lucky enough to get a remote appointment with my doctor tomorrow.
I have my oral thermometer and my little wrist blood pressure machine so I can do what they do at a doctor’s office.

I’m going to see if I can get a prescription for a supply of antibiotics just to have in case.

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When they do that, they might as well embrace hiring freelancers instead of employees. Then it will become a case of companies constantly looking to reduce wage bills by hiring offshore workers.

Then there is the cybersecurity side of things. Then there is the slight problem that when you work from home you degenerate into an overweight blob that lives in less and less underwear every day and panics every time the doorbell rings…

Personally, I’ve regretted freelancing for quite a few years now, as I miss the sociability side of things. However, I did tell everyone who thought I was mad when I left my last company, that within 5-years the economy would collapse and they would all be on benefits… And although I was 3-years off, that has now happened… :thinking:


Prince Charles has tested positive, but his wife has not. He is not terribly ill with it. He had no symptoms but was able to get the test for it. How odd that mostly powerful or famous people get tested.

Our U.S. government is giving everyone $1200. It does not go far here.

Man this is all nuts

This initial post was put up on Feb 27th. At that point, no one knew how this would fully play out in the US where I live. Nor did we really know how it would affect the rest of the world or Gig economy workers. Sitting here on March 25th, Sh&T got real! More than 1/3 of the US population is under stay at home orders. It does not mean that everyone is listening. NY is the epicenter of this in the US for now, cases and deaths are rising at record rates each day countrywide - but mainly NY. A sign of things to come in other states is what many seem to wonder. We are still, although better at testing, need more tests to get a read on the entire picture and testing is backlogged, so I do not believe we have the full picture of how this is spreading in places outside of the major epicenters here.

The daily briefings by Governers, especially Cuomo of NY, and that of our commander in Chief are fascinating and taking the place of sporting events I would be watching for entertainment. I will leave that alone for now.

Good news for self-employed Gig workers who are affected by this. Sounds. like they can file for unemployment and get that plus some via this new bailout bill from congress.

The school system I work in just announced closure for 4 more weeks with remote learning. It should be interesting to see how they implement that.

Amazing how things change in just one short month. It went from we are scared and watching and maybe it won’t be so bad to oh Sh&t!

Stay safe

@silberma1976 Thanks for the heads up on gig worker unemployment benefits:

Gig workers, freelancers, self-employed are eligible

In an unprecedented move, the stimulus bill expands unemployment protections to gig workers, freelancers and self-employed individuals, who typically don’t qualify for unemployment benefits.

Seth Harris, former Deputy U.S. Secretary of Labor, describes this aspect of the stimulus package as a “gigantic change,” but notes that it could be complicated to execute.

“It will be harder [to calculate] because these workers don’t have a W-2 or an average weekly wage,” Harris says. “These folks have income that varies dramatically from week to week or month to month.”

It’s not clear yet how state benefits will be calculated for these workers (from forbes)

I wish you the best of luck, but I’m pretty sure they’re gonna take your blood pressure and temperature themselves, they always do that, they’ll probably wear gloves, masks, and glasses.

It depends on the job, if you get paid to talk to people on social media, they’re going to need you everyday. I once interviewed for a company that does that, for several brands, but my typing speed wasn’t good enough for some reason. Maybe I’m lucky, that office smelled really bad, like mold or dirty AC.

I think that’s a stereotype. Fitness fanatics will join gyms, job, lift weights, etc. Sedentary people will gain weight at home or in the office.

Also, I don’t feel comfortable working in my underwear. I need to wear shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops.

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