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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impacts On Freelancing!

Here you can see. This is a view of the mobile Chrome desktop site.


And here I go to profile.


Now here. Just as the laptop comes with many options. Why not come to mobile like this? More’s option is not in mobile. So where do I see the Buyer Request page?

I have mostly clients from U.S. and it’s increasing day by day in the whole world. And according to news media US and Italy badly affected through Covid-19. Of course people working through fiverr is also going have its impact. My mostly clients are from US so for now I don’t have any work. I really wish the whole world get well asap. People are dying, market is completely down specially Asian market. I lives in India. Some Indian people who lives in US are coming back from there Govt asked them to be here and everyone is going through screening of virus and for 14 days they will be in quarantine. Hope we all start our normal daily life soon.
Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

2 Likes*your user name/requests

That gets you to the page. Stay safe.

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Hey. I believe that the situation with coronavirus should be viewed from an angle. And benefit from it. Many people are drowning in the routine of everyday life. Sleep, eat, go to work, watch a movie and sleep again. Now there is time to develop your skills. Time to give life to your ideas.
Therefore, I urge everyone not to lose heart. And start doing things and projects for which you did not have time. Now nothing distracts you. You can completely immerse yourself in creativity.

Have a nice day friends!

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very good advice @lentkh tn q :grinning:

Yeah, I agree.
I have zero orders last month. I hope it will be better this month.

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in indonesia the corona virus victim has reached 4000 lives, it caused me to be lockdown at home with my parents, so i cant’t play with my friends, its call look sad boy nah :mask: :sob:

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I was doing well before this, about to reach into a level 2 category seller. Since the pandemic hit, I haven’t received a single order. I’m a transcriber. A big part of transcription is taking work off of businesses hands so they don’t have to worry about it. But if barely anybody is working – and the other half is home bored with excessive time on their hands, they’re not ordering from me. That’s what I’ve guessed after basically grieving my job anyway. I pray it gets better.


Everyone faces this situation. Hopefully, this will be resolved very soon

Business & startups all over the world are currently on a pause, which mean that is affecting the freelancing worker also & i belive everone will be getting low sales as compared to previous months(expect some few lucky seller with a long chain of clients) we here work for real people & not for robots so that is a for sure thing that This virus has a lot of impact on everyone business & here the sale is dropping since start of jan 2020.


Sales are rising. Fine… Hopefully my no sales gap is over.

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Sad but true that I’m also not getting work now… I’m a new freelancer on fiverr and I likes fiverr most for the working systems…I’m a full stack web application developer… Last my earning was only 30$ and my gigs getting downs now… I am also in tense of not getting works !!!

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So, its not only me!

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I just now saw this is an old thread. So I deleted my message.

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I am a freelance writer and i hardly see any buyer request know a days! It was going good before COVID19 outbreak. Did you guys notice that or i have issues with my gigs.

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Hi there. I’m a voice over artist and content producer. Things are going very slow around here, but I hope it gets better to everyone. :four_leaf_clover:


Strange, right now I’m seeing over 1,500 buyer requests. Then again, it depends on your seller level. When I was a level 0, I hardly saw any BR’s, but now that I’m 1, I see more. Most of them were only for $5, some for more, but I don’t mind in some categories. Writing slogans is fun for me, so I don’t need to do that for $20.

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Hi clippin_expert! Let me update you about my country Pakistan, according to the well-known local newspaper Dawn, about 64 percent of the Pakistani Freelancers has reported that they are getting less projects than usual just because companies have halted the new projects, 33 percent of the graphic designers has said that their services and business has been greatly influenced by this pandemic. 82 percent of the freelancers are hoping that demand of services and business will increase after Covid-19.


Hi everyone! I am a new freelancer, my services are research writing and content writing, i joined this freelancing platform to get experience of freelancing and making it as my full-time Job but today its been 4 months since i joined but still haven’t received any project, even i have received very few buyer requests, now i understand that this is all happening because of the impact of Covid-19.

Same here … I’m a web application developer and I’m not getting sales 1-3 months