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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impacts On Freelancing!

@silberma1976 Thanks for the heads up on gig worker unemployment benefits:

Gig workers, freelancers, self-employed are eligible

In an unprecedented move, the stimulus bill expands unemployment protections to gig workers, freelancers and self-employed individuals, who typically don’t qualify for unemployment benefits.

Seth Harris, former Deputy U.S. Secretary of Labor, describes this aspect of the stimulus package as a “gigantic change,” but notes that it could be complicated to execute.

“It will be harder [to calculate] because these workers don’t have a W-2 or an average weekly wage,” Harris says. “These folks have income that varies dramatically from week to week or month to month.”

It’s not clear yet how state benefits will be calculated for these workers (from forbes)

I wish you the best of luck, but I’m pretty sure they’re gonna take your blood pressure and temperature themselves, they always do that, they’ll probably wear gloves, masks, and glasses.

It depends on the job, if you get paid to talk to people on social media, they’re going to need you everyday. I once interviewed for a company that does that, for several brands, but my typing speed wasn’t good enough for some reason. Maybe I’m lucky, that office smelled really bad, like mold or dirty AC.

I think that’s a stereotype. Fitness fanatics will join gyms, job, lift weights, etc. Sedentary people will gain weight at home or in the office.

Also, I don’t feel comfortable working in my underwear. I need to wear shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops.

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Yes , This situation affects regular sell

When humanity is suffering, nature is thriving. Just goes to show how disconnected we are as a species, to the rest of existence.


You can’t enforce it. Our police can’t stop kids from going to the beach. Having to juggle between law and order, and an existential crisis is a conundrum, and the authorities are definitely steering all the resources towards the latter.

What do you think will happen if the number of infected cases across in the USA cross 100k? 200k or 1 Million? Cataclysm.

So let’s all skip those Saturday night shows, sushi takeouts, and parties, to confront reality. It’s not going to be easy, and it sucks; but that’s the truth and we’ll have to just suck it up :frowning_face:


Corona is greatly impacting on fiverr career. I’m really confused with this current issues. I pray to God so that he give cureness soon. We should come forward to help helpless people.

They have relaxed the rules on that for now during the pandemic but unfortunately they don’t do anything at all to help me, just like with the usual experiences I’ve had with doctors. I won’t go into details except to say it was a waste of time. It’s simply a way for doctors to continue to make money.

Times Square:

I agree. Though I think it would be about 0.006667% of the population instead of 0.00006%.

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We now have more cases than any other country in the world.

And remember most people are not being tested even if they have symptoms so the number of cases is not even known.

Hi! Greetings!

Hope you are well and safe, I am print designer and number of new buyer is decreasing also repeated buyers are in the very complex condition, don’t know when all will be okay

Most of my experiences with doctors are positive. If I have a problem, they fix it, either in the office or they give me a prescription. A family member of mine is in the hospital with corona, they have helped him and he’s gotten much better. In a day or two, he’ll leave the hospital, there’s even a service that will drive him so nobody else gets infected. My relative believes he got the virus at a funeral, everyone was kissing each other (latinos), this was before the mandatory quarantines and business shut downs. When people thought corona was far away.

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This doesn’t kill like the Spanish flu of 1918. In fact, a 101-year-old patient in Italy, whose grandmother survived the Spanish flu, has fully recuperated from corona. A relative of mine was also in the hospital, and he didn’t even need a respirator, his breathing was bad but not bad enough.

Besides, in most cities, essential businesses such as pharmacies, hardware stores, supermarkets, restaurants (no indoor dining though), remain open. My mechanic even sent me an e-mail telling me he’s open. Shopping malls may be closed, but people still need basic services. I can’t survive just on Natures Valley bars alone.

Wow, glad he’s getting better. I wonder if he would have been better on his own. Did he have breathing problems? Did you have contact with him?

HI Jon.
U misunderstood. I meant that I hope you get it as in I hope u understand what I’m saying.
I didn’t mean that the guy gets Coronavirus. I’m not an evil person God forbid. I hope now you get it :wink: (meaning I hope now you got my point :grin:)

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Only once three or four weeks ago, I lost track of time since the quarantine began. I don’t think he would have gotten better on his own, the reason he’s in the hospital is because his fever and breathing got a lot worse, and he was feeling really bad. He’s 67, so he’s definitely part of the main demographic for corona.

I’m honestly more concerned about my job. Every time I go to the break room, I’m sitting in places that might have corona. If I push a supermarket cart, that might have corona. I do wear gloves, but what if the inside of the gloves already have corona? This virus is so evil, the way it can lasts for hours on a surface.

If you wear gloves you need to wash the gloves like you are washing your hands only with the gloves on, in case it’s on the gloves and then the gloves will spread it to your face, car, etc.

Do you know if your family member was put on a ventilator? I wonder how they pulled him through. That’s so scary, there isn’t anything they can do except put them on a ventilator and hope somehow they make it.
Trump just ordered General Motors to start making ventilators.

True, canned food and nutritional bars aren’t good enough especially if they’re older people, infants, pregnant women, etc, but perhaps only time will tell if it is a dramatic overreaction or a pragmatic step. Till then, let’s stock up on food, essentials and some much needed fortitude.

It’s better than having nothing at all.

Fruit and vegetables should be washed carefully as soon as you get them. They could have the virus on them. They get handled a lot in the store before you get them.

Yup, but more than that it’s currency that’s being noticed for having high rates of contamination. Try using cashless payments like Apple Pay or Google Pay, instead of cash and cards.

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I agree about currency. I only handle it when I get it out of a machine and hopefully any virus has died on it. However they have found it can sometimes live on something for up to 3 days! I only handle it now with gloves on.
I also think I will try washing it as soon as I get home. I’m also washing my bank cards.