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Coronavirus Problems

So I have come to Fiverr mainly because of the fact that I can not make money due to the coronavirus. I created a gig a while back, but never got any buyers. My gig is about editing and retouching photos through Lightroom. Its one of the only things I am good at. Any way to get my gig out there?


Most of sellers doesn’t have orders now because of Covid-19.


dang kinda depressing

Even if this virus were not a thing now, your Gigs are up against literally thousands of others who offer the same service. This is why you are having a hard time getting any traction. You have to either put together a portfolio of your own work to show why they should choose you to retouch photos or whatever else it is you do. Thing is, a lot of people can already edit or retouch their own photos, so that isn’t necessarily a hot seller. Do a search for the type of Gig you offer and look at your competition - the thousands of them and see why their Gig looks more clickable and buyer friendly than yours does.



… why do you think that ?

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You can search the forum for some good advice. Here are a couple links to start:

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I agree! It is easy to blame the Corona virus for everything, but the truth of the matter is, if you are good at what you are offering you still be getting orders.

I have been flooded with orders in the last week and are, in fact, now overbooked as we speak.

I am not blowing my own horn, but please stop blaming external circumstances!

Read the advice here on the forum and keep growing. Adjust your gigs, your pricing. Aim to provide the best service. Give 10% more than what is expected of you. It might take a while, but your perseverance will pay off.


Not true. Yes there are sellers that have orders, like me. We work on digital products, as a lot of people are at home, they actually need our services.

Of course there are some categories and freelancers that are impacted, but you cannot generalise


Of course, use your time to read the forum and familiarize yourself with how things work, how to prepare a good gig etc.

With a bit of patience and work, you will start getting orders in spite of the Corona


Ill lower my prices too! hopefully that also works :smiley:

Stay home and stay safe with fiverr
you can send buyers request and go for cheapest regular and one more thing
if you new then you have to suffer to complete level 1 after that you got more and more orders
hope this is really happen