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Correct handwashing technique

This shows how to wash your hands.


But his hands look dirtier at the end than when he started!


I can’t believe someone flagged this— or can I.

Tweeter links are not allowed I think

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I’m disappointed - the luxury of a faucet you could turn on with an elbow bump but she does it with a handshake of her unwashed hand? :wink: (Doesn’t mean I flagged this, though, I’m used to being disappointed, that won’t make me waste pefectly good flags ;))


@miiila you’re right and I never even thought about how we turn the faucets on and off, contaminating them.

How can we do it without putting our germs on them? Use a paper towel to turn them on and off? I’m going right now to disinfect my faucets.

And I’m placing a roll of paper towels next to them to use to turn them on with. But how not to touch the roll of towels? I will tear some off with washed hands to put next to the sink.

Yes, you can either do it the ecologically dubious way by using paper towels torn off with properly washed hands (maybe use toilet paper or half a sheet of paper towel to reduce the amount of wasted paper and possibly bin liners you’re using to dispose of them) or disinfect them, or you could think about a touch-free faucet with sensor if you can and want to afford it. I clean the parts of the faucet I touched with soap and water when I’m done, I figure if it kills viruses on your hands, it will kill them on the faucet too.
For now, I generally clean door handles, faucets and such things more often and more rigorously than usual.

I guess during/after Corona, we’ll see more and more touch-free solutions like infrared faucets and automatic sliding doors not just in airports but in public buildings, restaurants and so on and probably as well in private houses … perhaps things like house doors opening via iris scan, even sliding or self-opening letter slots will become popular?

A Timid New World where nobody, including you, will touch anything on or in your house at all or before washing hands? Door lintels that do total decontamination like in science fiction, whether people want to be decontaminated or not, would be nice too :wink: But, seriously, I’m pretty sure that this crisis will see more people thinking about and favoring touch-free solutions.

I’m seriously amazed by how many people use the bar to open the door to the building of a local mall (mall per se is closed but you may enter to visit the drugstore inside the mall) - while there’s the super simple no-tech solution of just using your arm or shoulder or foot, which is what I do, I never used that bar even before corona, actually, there’s the common flu and whatnot too, after all. I’m not going as far as some people do, but some virus spreaders are so easy and obvious to avoid that I’m baffled by the sheer amount of people who don’t.

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I’ve been wearing rubber gloves a lot especially for mail and packages which are absolutely filthy. I can’t stand the feel on my hands when I touch those things, the amount of various hands and machinery they have gone through along with the huge distances and warehouses and trucks they’ve been in.

And bringing in bags of groceries seems risky. I am trying to get things I can let sit in the bags for three days before I touch them and put them away so any virus on them can first die.

I have two large air purifiers I just got in my home. I’m not really sure they do any good.

In the past I have found that the more people I am around in general the stronger my immune system becomes and the less sick I get. All this isolation might not actually be a good thing for our general immune responses.

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