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Correct Indexing or lack there of


Early morning rant with my Coffee…

I am a level 1 seller now with 33 sales on my way to become a level 2 soon I Hope… My problems are from the word go none of my gigs are working properly.

I offer, Comm Use, HQ and Music and when searched for under these things I do not show up. I HAVE contacted customer support who say they are working on it. My first email was some time back and still no luck.

So despite that… I have built up a small but solid bunch of clients… and am growing my business… and I slowly started to creep my way higher and higher up the ladder.

However the other day my gig got flagged for having 2 of the same pictures on it… Obviously my bad for not reading the policies and procedures well enough, so I quickly within 2 minutes changed the picture to a slightly different one of me.

ANYWAY… now my gig is at the bottom of the food chain again! countless gigs ahead of me who are not even rated! it’s been like this without moving for 2 days, am I being punished??
Gah… /end rant :cry:


Oh my GOD! I know I can’t offer much of a solution to your problem but OhHhh that made me cry :’(